Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB



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Np, Nate.  These things happen.

I'm just surprised nobody else pointed it out.

Just out of curiousity, what were those other benchmarks from?  They were pretty impressive.



Is it just me, or are those the totally wrong benchmarks for this review?  They don't correspond with the narrative part of the review at all.


I mean, 205/175MB sustained read/write and 0.11ms random access?  That would challenge a top-of-the-heap SSD!


And 945MB/s burst for the WD drive?!  What are you guys smoking?




They were the wrong benchmark charts. The correct chart never made it onto the final proof from the print edition. We ran a correction in the November issue, and made a note to correct the chart when we published the web review, but that note must have gotten lost in the shuffle. Fixed now; thanks for pointing it out.



"You can get two 1TB Barracuda 7200.12s for less than the price of one of these--and they'll be faster."

You also have to consider that TWO 1TB consumes DOUBLE the power. SO this shouldnt be a con despite high price!



It looks to me like the numbers used for Western Digital's GP drive are out of date, particularly the Power Numbers.  The Official Specs put the Idle power for the 2TB GP drive at 3.7W and the Read/Write at 6.0W.  I've looked at a few other reviews (Such as the one at Tom's Reviews that compares several Drives including the two in question here) And while there are a few areas that the Seagate drive does outperform the Western Digital Drive it's by no means a run away contest.  In the basic Power Tests the GP drive is lower power than the LP.

  My guess is that the WD GP drive compared in this article is the original release, but the second version was released before the Seagate LP drive as far as I can tell.

  So bottom line... I don't think the Western Digital numbers stated in this article are up to date, therefore not accurate. 

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