Scythe Mugen 2



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oh... my... GOD!

Maximum PC actually reviewing a Scythe product?

Great, now the world is going to come to an end... and I had plans!

Kudos on doing the review and hope to see many more in the future (fans, HDD coolers, other CPU heatsinks, etc)


Tim G

 I have used one of these on a new screamer of a PC, it is a great working fan.  If you bought one of these, you definitely chose an effective product that should last a long time.  I am not a techie, but my installer is a lifelong IT professional.  He's a network engineer that builds his PCs in his spare time, and he does it well.

 I think that Maximum PC might be doing the company a favor by not doing a lot of ratings for this type of product. With the version that I have, the product is a radiator attached with thin pressed metal wires that function like rubber bands holding a fan to the Radiator.  The Radiator like unit attaches directly to the Microprocessor. Luckily my installer had a 3rd hand: mine. I've had the product for 3 months, and the fan gets the job done very well, and it looks like something from Pinky & the Brain. But I disagree with the review; I don't believe that most IT professionals will find it: "relatively easy install compared to its peers". The visual documentation for the installation was as easy to follow as a 2000 lb Rhinoceros with diarrhea.  The instructions are Usable & Effective, but just plain ugly!

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