Sceptre X270W-1080p 27-inch Display Review



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On amazon you can get a 3D display ( only 22 inch) for $ 230. its not as big as this one but it is worthy of note.



I bought one of these and it arrived with 2 dead pixels.  I got a replacement and it also had 2 dead pixels.  It's not a good product.



 I got a Sceptre 24" HD widescreen right now. I love it. Colors are great and whites/blacks are, too. Couldnt ask for a better deal. got it for $279 when it was $450. On sale for a week only at the time. Gonna upgrade to a 38" TV or something similar in size next.


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   Just OK to good image, low resolution, no real extras, and made as cheap as possible BUT you give it an 8/10. That is for a MAXIMUM PC site? geez, sounds more like Walmart...

  Why don't you review a 27 inch monitor such as say the Dell U2711 monitor instead? I have one and it has the best image and color rendition I have ever seen (and I worked for HP repair for 25 years so I have seen a LOT of monitors!). It costs $900, no big deal to a magazine that shows $1000 CPUS and $400 water cooling systems. Terrific image, double the resolution, incredible colors, lots  of extras, well made, and ZERO reviews by the "The BEST Of the BEST" gang.

 Excuse me while I go buy a large $30 toaster oven that can actually cook a piece of toast! It was rated an 8 by a magazine! I don't need no $100 one as it just wastes money on all those other things like useability and durability....




Take a minute to read our guide to Verdicts.

An "8" describes "A well designed and solidly executed product with minor flaws or performance shortcomings that leave it lagging behind its superior competitors" 

I think that describes this monitor very well. It's perfectly fine for gaming and watching movies, and the size is a decent trade-off for the shortcomings I describe--again, as long as you're looking for a monitor for playing games and watching movies. I'd never recommend this for mission-critical applications like photo or video editing, but I have to give credit where credit is due: Sceptre has made a very good, inexpensive, big monitor. I gave it an 8 out of 10 beause it boasts a great price/performance ratio.

We cover plenty of high-end products at Maximum PC. When a company makes a solid product that's not expensive, I think they deserve our attention, too.

Michael Brown, Reviews Editor

Twitter: brownieshq 



Im trying to decide between this monitor or a Dell UltraSharp U2311H 23-inch. Both are under $300 bucks but the Dell is 4in. smaller. Im currently upgrading from an Asus laptop with a 17" screen to a desktop platform so either monitor will be much larger. Thanks for your help.



Some people are just never happy, I bet this John P guy thinks he could do a better job writing his own reviews.

Just stop complaining, and deal with it.



When are we going to get some new 1920 X 1200 resolution monitors without those terible reflective glossy screens? The monitors that have been introduced lately are nothing more than 1080p TV's without a tuner and with DVI inputs. THere are those of us that will pay a little more for a real monitor.

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I had a sceptre X20 monitor. It was terrible but the price was unbeatable for the size. The color was terrible. It had backlight bleeding and poor contrast. I would avoid buying a sceptre. You get what you pay for.

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