Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook Review



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It seems too dear for me to own one.

The Android App Player should also debut in the upcoming PlayBook update, which, China wholesale store as the name implies, would allow users to run applications designed for Google's Android OS. Even when the PlayBook will be able to run Android apps, it's unclear why users wouldn't just opt for an Android tablet PC instead.




Does anyone know what would happen to a Chromebook if your Google Profile were disabled or deleted for using a pseudonym? Could I sue them for locking me out of my entire computer?


Just curious.



I think you guys have missed the point of the 100MB/month included 3G. Yes, it's laughably small, but I don't think Google (or Verizon) ever intended chromebooks to be reliant on cell networks. I think they always expected you to use them in WiFi areas, and only tap into the cell networks in an emergency (to send an emergency email? IDK). 

Also, with Google's recent announcement of offline support for GMail, GooCal, and GDocs, an offline chromebook has become far more useful.



Since this article was written, an update to Netflix streaming has enabled it to work on ChromeOS devices. I've even streamed movies to my Cr-48 single-core laptop. Although there are plenty of limitations with Chromebooks (lose your internet, carry around a paperweight), at least "lack of Netflix" is no longer one of them.



True facts. I'd probably rank the Chromebook an 8 now.

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