Samsung P2770HD Review



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Things I do not like about this monitor

1. low res 1920 X 1080. For this size monitor it should be at least 1920 X 1200

2. Built in TV tuner and speakers, this apears to be just a 1080p TV with a monitor input

3. Thick Bezel not great for multi monitor set up

4. No Dp input also not great for multi monitor (3 or more)

5. I will bet it has one of those awful glossy reflective screens

I will pass.



Agree with you there .   Iam looking for atleast a 24 inch ..Could someone point me into a direction  24 -30


Keith E. Whisman

Ha ha ha ha... LOL... No Dp input.. LOL. LOL LOL LOL... You mean that this monitor cannot handle double penetration?



i had a 2433bw which wasnt bad for the price. 1920x1200/24 inch.  It recently broke and was not coverd by a warranty though, and i have had a hard time finding something thats better (within that pricerange) with the 16:10 aspect ratio.  Ill probably just end up buying another one of those and pray that it doesnt crap out on me.


dammit was supposed to be a reply oh well 



I find it difficult to stomach that after all these years we are still having to live with thick bezels, the usual problems with color uniformity and light bleeding.

Are these issues so expensive to fix/prevent before the monitor leaves the factory?



I had a fairly new Samsung 22" monitor (2007 model), and the bezel cracked after leaving it in the basement in the winter (room temp usually around 65 degrees F). I decided to bring it upstairs in the Spring, and voila, 2 1inch cracks. Must've been the dry air or something.



I'm stating to get annoyed with all of the 16:9 monitors flooding the market. It seems like everyone forgot about 1920x1200



I totally agree with you, the 1080p may be high res for a TV but for a computer monitor is it inferior. I also hate the glossy reflective screens. They are just dumed down TV's



It is a bit annoying, but it's also about 50% cheaper, so my complaints are muted. Personally, I would go for 2048x1152 if I could find it; it's 16:9, but wider than 1920x1200 and almost as tall. They also don't cost significantly more than 1920x1080 panels.


More relating to the review: 27" panel using the same resolution as 23" panels = meh. 



I found that as much as I want to use 1920x1200 (I refuse to give up my 1200 vertical pixels that I grew so accustomed with a 1600x1200 CRT) the price for LCD's with that resolution seem out-of-line.

I'm seeing that it's getting harder to find, but I've been using a Samsung 2343BWX and have been very satisfied. It's very stripped down (it's one major flaw is the lack of an HDMI input) but the price reflects that. Bang-for-buck, it's a very good 2048x1152 monitor for a casual user or PC gamer.

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