Samsung 470 Series 256GB SSD Review



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SSDs are faster than traditional hard drives, but I trust mechanical hard drives more than SSD chips, and here's why: Most of you know that an SSD can withstand only so many read/write cycles before it opens itself up to failure. Think about how many times you see your hard drive light flicker on your computer--it's reading or writing to the hard drive. Windows and other operating systems do TONS of read and write cycles in the background--a mechanical hard drive is a mature-enough technology to reliably perform this consistently. The user may not read and write intensively to the disk, but the OS and its programs do, and it will wear out an SSD. I have had witnessed a few dead flash drives that I have possessed, and these were higher-quality (SanDisk, PNY, yadayada). Within a year or less, they would fail by corrupting files or in other ways, such as not being able to format. They did not get wet or get abused in any other way, although they were used A LOT. Seeing that the SSD storage chips are often from the same manufacturer (and probably from the same assembly line) that made the storage chip found in a flash drive, I get a little worried about SSD's reliability. Besides, a RAID array with two or more mechanical disks is pretty optimal.



There would be nothing left to read or look at.



Thank you for posting this 2 days after i got the magazine. i'm so not renewing my subscription!



I did not even open mine yet. 


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an exclusive version of the site with exclusive articles for subscribers ONLY! or just shut down the site either way it would justify paying a sub. Fee

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