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This piece of hardware is really for the SageTV community, not to be used as a standalone product. I agree there are better options if you don't use SageTV, but if you use SageTV it is fabulous. The SageTV system itself has some issues, and in any one category (video, music, photos, etc.) you can find a more polished piece of software, but I can't find one program that does ALL of these things as well as SageTV. They have good support, an active community, and a generous upgrade policy. Plus, there are a few features of SageTV and the HD Theater that are pretty sweet. For example, I bring my small HD Theater on vacation, plug it into an ethernet connection, and in minutes I'm watching either my recorded TV or LIVE TV from my Windows Home Server with SageTV installed.


I've noticed it more and more, the content is lazy.  This information is 10 months old.  Where was Maximum PC when it came out.  Of more interest should be SageTV's newest stand alone Linux version that can run on a flash drive.  Did they even ask about that information or get any feedback from SageTV?

Have you seen the covers lately too?  They have been totally unimaginative and boring.



How much is it? All that is listed is the $80 for the SageTV app...



The "reporting" does seem to be getting a BIT lazy around here lately. Luckily I've discovered that MaxPC steals 90% of it's web content straight off of Gizmodo and Lifehacker. Better comments system and way more updates over there.


Written by the Editor himself, and not so much as a link to further info, the sage site, or a price. Did gizmodo forget to list the price?! I really hate to bitch, I like Will, and have liked the mag ok since Will took over, but things have definitely gone downhill quality-wise lately for MaxPC.



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