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I used this case in my latest i7 build. I was heavily looking between the Cooler Master HAF series of cases and this one because of the size and use of 230mm fans. I can see what you guys mean with saying Rosewill copied this case but from what I can tell they buy designs from other companies usually. This case is actually a copy from Aerocool called Xpredator. I think the company and the availability of the case is usually restricted to Europe but I could be wrong on that. I decided on this case because it was different from the other people I know that have HAF series cases.  If anyone has questions on it I would be happy to answer them.



IMHO, that's a total ripoff from the Cooler Master HAF X. I own one, and before I read the title, I thought it was a revised version (Like the HAF XI or something) of the HAF X.

The outise of the Rosewill Thor seems okay, but the inside is really ugly. I really prefer my HAF X.

I wonder how long it will take Cooler Master to sue for "design" infringement or something like that ?



Looks like a knock-off of the HAF series from Cooler-Master. But it's kinda hard to judge from pictures. Would you consider this more or less attractive than the HAF-X from Cooler Master?

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