Razer Moray Plus Mobile Gaming Communicator Review



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I've bought the other plain Razer Moray months ago (which was of the same kind except for the included mic and adapters which it didn't have) and it was "up there" on one of the most regrettable purchases I've ever had.

Eying MaxPC giving it a 7 really surprised me. First and foremost, when I've bought these, it was $35 and bought it for "gaming" 1st as a priority and mp3/audio players 2nd (You just had to when it comes to Razer brands). Little did i know they would sound like those cheap high-pitched crappy airplane earphones on both gaming and music listening! Bass was almost non-existent on this things and I found my Sandisk "stock" C200 earphones more mellow and had way more bass than this! That's how bad it is..


screw 3D! I'm just in it for the hurts(HZ)!



$30??? Bah! I'll stick with my Shure SE530 & UE Triple.fi 10 sets thankyouverymuch.



I'm pretty sure these are made by sennheiser so for $30 with a mic they aren't bad. But in other news these honestly came out last year...

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