Razer Mamba



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I had this mouse for about a week and took it back to Best Buy becuase the battery life was way to short. It's a good shape but compared to my g9 the weight is simply too light. I didn't notice any delay when playing using the wireless but having to recharge the thing all the time is annoying. Good job for the great review!!!



If you stay on your computer for 12 straight hours your insane.  IMHO.  I know I go about 3 at the longest, but still take breaks for eats, or bathroom.  I use a rechargable mouse too, and when I break I let it recharge for the 10-15 minutes I'm away, and make sure it's recharging every other moment I am not using it.  I can't even imaging staying on the computer for 12 straight hours.  My eyes, butt, hands, and whatever else I have, would really be hurting by the end.  But hey, more power to you people who can do it.



I remeber when I was a kid and the SNES came out. I got one for Christmas and I played Super Mario World for 3 days straight until I beat it. I'm much older now and I don't think I could go 3 days anymore but I definately could do 12 hours. Though I'd need a smoke break every once in a while.

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