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I have to say, for games like the Battlefield Series (Starwars Battlefront included, same damn thing), the adjustable sensitivity is quite nice. Tanks and mounted guns can feel like you're manuvering in molasses, and noone's going to go into game options just to tweak the sensitivity for those mid game. I do, however, think it's pretty rad that you can make finer adjustments using the scroll wheel. There are plenty of times i can recall where I wish I would have had an inbetween step for my G5. I might honestly prefer it the way the Razr does it.



Ya know what'd be kick ass?  Breaking down the mouse reviews based one what kind of surface you're testing these things on, maybe even on multiple surfaces.  Laminated particle board, iCEmat-style glass, fUnc surfaces, all that sort of thing.  There are so many conflicting reports of which mice work best on which surfaces, and it'd be nice to have a reputable publication give us their findings.



I got the DeathAdder over a year ago based on a review that showed its sensor the most accurate in a large round-up of gaming mice. I got it to replace my trusty MX-518. I immediately loved the feel of the mouse, both its shape and the micro-suede-like matte finish. Also, not mentioned in the review here, the two thumb buttons are excellent. Razer has found the perfect shape and placement -- and button tension -- so that both buttons are just as easily accessed yet not accidently clicked. (The only mouse that has as good or better thumb-buttons, IMHO, is the MS Sidwinder with its over-and-under design. But that mouse isn't as comfortable to use overall.) The scroll wheel on the DeathAdder is a bit wider, and the detents a bit larger, than the MX-518's, and it has a bit more tension rolling it and is not at all loose-feeling. The middle mouse button is easily clicked and without any movement of the scroll wheel. And it tracks beautifully, as smooth as any laser mouse I've tried and better than most.

Anyway, my positive first impression was marred after I figured out how to set up on-the-fly DPI switching. It is less than ideal, as the review indicates. You have to give up one of the thumb buttons for that purpose, and then use the wheel to set to the level. So I decided to get a G5 (which has dedicated on-the-fly DPI buttons) and use the DeathAdder on my second PC.

The thing is, after a few months of using the G5 on my main rig I found I preferred the feel of the DeathAdder -- especially during marathon gaming sessions. It is simply more comfortable. (And that's saying a lot since the G5 has great ergonomics.) Though the decision really came down to me realizing that I never really use on-the-fly DPI switching during my gaming! This surprised me a little, since I loved the idea of that feature the moment I heard of it, and I thought I would use it a lot. But I have never gotten the hang of it or something, because it just didn't catch on with me, just like it didn't when I used the MX-518 (which I choose because of that feature!) I tried switching DPI more often during games, to sort of justify buying the G5 to myself, but I still don't find much use for it. If the DeathAdder came with dedicated DPI buttons similar to the G5, I still would probably never really use them. So I eventually switched back to the DeathAdder with the idea that when a game comes around where I feel the need for DPI switching, I'll use the G5. But that hasn't happened yet. (Besides, it's not as if the DeathAdder can't do on-the-fly DPI switching.)

So I agree with the basic summary of the review: if you don't find yourself using on-the-fly DPI switching in games much, then the DeathAdder should definately be on your short list.



I've never actually used the DPI switching on my MX518, either.  It takes me long enough to "learn" how a mouse moves on only ONE sensitivity, I can't be bothered with learning three :3



I usually up the sensitivity when i go from foot to air vehicle in my fave fps'... never did it before i got my G5 but now, dunno what i would do without it!



Razer really got it right with the DeathAdder. I've never been a fan Razer's other mice - the ambidextrous design and flattened body had its following, but I wasn't among them. The DeathAdder is comfy, performs well, and has the customization options to keep tweakers busy.



Actually, I own the DeathAdder, and it does have OTF-DPi sensitivity, you just set it in the driver menu...I assign the page-forward button, you then press the buton, and scroll up or down...



I have the Razer Copperhead mouse and i have been very satisfied with it.  I am a little disapointed to learn that this version doesnt have on-the-fly since that is a HUGLY helpful part of the mouse...



yeah I have to agree, on-the-fly is virtually required for me

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