Rainbow Six Vegas 2



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[quote]"The follow-up fleshes out the story and completes the plot lines left unfinished in the last go-round, but it [b]falters[/b] from the same tiresome action sequences that are more frustrating than challenging. "[/quote]

Is that supopsed to be "suffers"?  It seems like you you were going somewhere with that sentence and got sidetracked.  I hate it when theat happens.

Wasn't this originally a tactical shooter franchise? *sigh*



I finally got around to playing R6V2 a week or so ago, and I just happened to finish the single-player campaign last night (maybe 15 hours of play on easiest settings)...and I have to say this review hits the nail right on the head.  So, just ditto to everything Norm said above :)

 Now, anybody wanna join me for some co-op?

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