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On a core i7 920, GTX275, 6 Gigs Mushkin DDR3 this game ran smooth as heck and thats with bells and whistles all turned on.. i will say i did not buy it on release so it had a few months to be honed in.
A great deal of detail,alot of fun.
short game with a wtf just happened? ending.
full price no
steam on sale for 20 bucks its great.
To be fair i was still mad as hell about Brink so after that turd taste in my mouth Rage was like a cold Jack and Coke.
Win 7 / 64 OS



I game doesn't have to reinvent a genre to get my money. It just has to be good, and the developer has to support the product after release.



I got this game to see what my new video card would do, lets just say that it sucked and was the worst game i have ever spent money on. I have never seen a game that has so many problems. it took me 3 hours to get this game to even start right and not crash. I had to go and download rewritin dll and cfg files to make it work and look ok. then i thought that if i go and get the new amd vid drivers that it would make it look better, not going to happen. the new drivers made that game imposible to play because every thing went blue. I had to go back and get an older dll file to rewrite the one in the new drivers to get it back to playable. That was it for me after all of that and the let down ending i would say that was the worst game ever and never should have been released for the pc with all its bugs.



First and foremost, how can you call the graphics "richly detailed"? The textures are CRAZY low resolution. A stunningly high level of detail? like here?

And how can you ignore the crafting!? You can make exploding remote controlled cars, turrets, spider bots and bouncing multi-hit boomerang wingsticks, special ammo, etc. in the final room, I actually didn't have to fire a shot because I was able to set up turrets to handle almost everyone.

Oh, and the ending/non-ending? There's no boss! No final fight! No central enemy that you have defeated! No puzzle or particularly difficult series of events, encounters etc. Personally, I found it more of a let-down than even Crysis2's ending. It was the ultimate anti-climax.

That being said, i have to agree that the weapons were a lot of fun, and were, as the article states, 'just right'. I don't think there was a weapon that I didn't use on a semi-frequent basis. Each, except maybe your fists, was useful in its own set of circumstances. And after a while you had to switch it up because the baddies got used to my approaches and adapted. I was using the shotgun a lot,and letting them get close before popping them when after a while, no baddie came close at all. And the mind-control darts were perfect.


Ultimately, Rage was a REALLYfun game. The story was a joke, but it's an ID game, so not a surprise. But it's no 8. 7 at most.



Based on this review I can wait to buy it used on Amazon for $20 or less.



"...and clearly designed with controllers in mind."


That pretty well sums it up for me.  id's real purpose in creating Rage was to write a marketable game engine for consoles.  Mission accomplished -- and good for them.  It's a smart business move.  I, however, don't play games on consoles and I most certainly do not buy console ports for PC anymore.  Ive been in that pasture before, where the grass is always brown and choked by weeds.

id started off as an indie developer (though they weren't called that at the time) of shareware and made a fortune.  Now they see their business developing in a different direction. That's fine by me; there are a lot of very promising inide developers for PC.  I've spent quite a bit of money buying their games on Steam and elsewhere, and will continue to do so.

I think id's only real mistake in this was trying to play both sides of the fence, when the evidence clearly shows that the PC market was an afterthought at best.  Note to id's marketing types: If you're going to swtich girlfriends, do it quickly and cleanly.  Trying to bed-hop will land you in the hospital -- or the morgue.



totally agree with you !  I've been a victim in the past (bought several game , unaware its really console-ported) - the keyboard/mouse control are not reading truly and directly from the hardware but it gets converted in porting program / conversions,  and the graphics are not really adjustable to PC gaming (no AA, AF, etc). And from what I've experienced...  the FRAME PER SECONDS will suck big time due to several conversion factors.

I fear that MW3 and BF3, so i refuse to buy these games.

A real PC game should be written in PC codes (no conversions, which is cheating) and there should be mod tools and map-making tools ! Even if it cost $90, I'm down for it !





I hate that I paid $40 and wasted a $20 amazon credit on this game.  This game was easily the worst game purchase I made in years.  There is some fun to be had in this game, but mostly it's just a frustrating compilation of poorly executed ideas and brilliant tech.  I will never buy an id game again outside of a bargain bin.



iD hasn't produced a great game since Quake 3, Arena.  I fully expect any iD release to be more tech demo than game, so Rage is a bit of a pleasant surprise.



maybe not fully open , but people expect more than games on rails anymore.


that said this was overall a good article, it clearly tells a ready this is fun game, you should try it -but it is not earth shattering material.

and when you read the review and look at the price- you know it's not worth the current price of admission- perhaps when it comes down some more- yeah. I'll buy it new if it was at a lower price point but not at 60.



Yup, when it hits the $20 mark, I'll pull the trigger on it.  



I don't remember Id ever promising an "open world." Everyone just assumed it would follow the path that Fallout 3 and Borderlands did because they were both post apocalyptic and open world. There was never a promise of an open world.



id most definitely talked about 'exploration', while never explicitly saying 'open world'.  The problem is, there's rarely ever any reward for exploring in RAGE.  Nearly everything you can get, you will find lying on the side of the single, linear path through every level.  Areas that seemed like they should contain a reward for you finding them were often just empty -- almost punishing you by wasting your time.

Sure, the argument can be made that people expecting open world and exploration were naive, but why create such a beautiful world that can't even be admired by exploring it?  id blows, that's why.  They make tech demos.

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