Plextor PX-LB950SA



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Can you guys update the list or just elimiate it if you guys aren't going to bother to keep it current?



What good is having a best of the best if the recommended item cannot be found and actually purchased?

I've Google searched the web and can find no one who actually has ANY of the three Blu Ray burners mentioned in this review!

Recommended but unavailable ANYWHERE:

Plextor PX-LB950SA
LiteOn iHBS212
Pioneer BDR-205

How about an updated review of a recommended BluRay burner that can actually be found and purchased?



Well, to be fair, the B940SA is a Pioneer BDR-205, while this newer unit is a LiteOn iHBS212. And considering LiteOn's extensive history detailed by thousands of customer reviews at the 'egg, I would tend to suspect that PlexTools is what makes the drive "quieter and cooler", not the mechanics themselves.

So yeah, leave the 940 on the BOTB list.

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