Pinnacle PCTV HD Mini Stick



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Personally I wouldn't be worried about the magnent in the stand. Modern hard drives have a coercivity of 3-4000 Oersteds, which means that it would take an equivilent magnetic field strength in Gauss to affect their data. However, most rare earth magnents will only manage perhaps 2000 Gauss right at their surface, and the field strength decreases at the root of the distance from the surface. Combine that with the fact that a hard drive is in an aluminum casing that blocks part of the field, and the hard drive itself is also surrounded by more metal or plastic, that if it doesn't block the field, it at least increases the distance between the surface of the magnets and the platters. So, the chance of having a hard drive damaged by any permanent magnet is extremely low, it would require a magnet specifically shaped to increase field strengh at its focus as well as that focus being pushed directly against the platters of the drive, which frankly would probably do enough damage from scratching and dust getting in to could kill the drive. Modern hard drives already have multiple strong rare earth magnets in them anyway, they use them to move the drive head. If those are in the casing at hardly any distance from the platters, what is the chance that a magnet outside the case and considerably weaker would ever do anything?

Although if you still carry floppies,  they only have a coercivity of 700 Oersteds or so, so if you put the stand on a floppy it could probably easily damage it. But who carries floppies nowadays?



I had a Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro stick and it took mounths and 3 drivers later to get it to work right. And forget about the antenna it comes with even rabbit ears won't work you will need a full blown roof top antenna or a cable lead.



know what would be cool? like PVR with HDMI in, maybe an ir blaster to control a SAT box or even if directv/dish offered a PVR with built in tuner.


people who have enough money to buy this will have enough money to buy a subscription to cable/satilite

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