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I dislike Photoshop Elements 8.0... I love Photoshop CS4...  but I own Photoshop Elements 8.0 because I can't afford CS4 :(

What really sucks, is that you can upgrade from Elements to CS4, but it's only a $10 savings vs full version through any of the authorized retail channels.  Sure it's $100 off through the Adobe store, but if you go through the Adobe store, it's more expensive than the full version from several of the Adobe authorized retailers.  Not that it matters cause even if the retail channels offered the same $100 off that Adobe offers I still couldn't afford the upgrade.

The main reason I decided to buy Photoshop Elements 8.0 is because I needed video editing software as well as photo editing software that handles RAW files, & so I got the bundle with Premier Elements 8.0 for a $50 savings vs buying two different programs...

RAW file handling is extremely limited compared to CS4 (30 day trial version), but at least it's better than what came with PE6.0.  IMO, it's only worth upgrading from 6 or 7 if you need improved RAW handling, otherwise, wait & see for 9.0.  Now if you're using a version older than PE6 or using editing software from another company, it's worth the upgrade, especially if you need RAW support.  

I've been using PE8 since October & would only give it a 6/10 as a serious amature photographer who primarily shoots RAW.

Personally I think Adobe should have 2 versions, a cheaper version aimed at the masses, & an extended version with even more functionality for serious amatures & pro's who can't afford CS4 just yet...



Paste as color as a transparent selection? Prior version couldn't.
How about text in real time at any magnification?
Can I draw a simple one-by-one pixel dot?
When I make a selection can I just move it from there? Or do I have to click a dozen other buttons to make it move?
Right click menu?
Rotation without dithering? (MSPaint can't do that, but NeoPaint can.
Color replacement?



MS paint... LOL

Paste as color as a transparent selection??? Not familiar with what you asking, but you can control the transparency of any selection / layer from 0 to 100%

"text in real time at any magnification?"  MS Paint text totally sucks ass, PE text support is 1000x better.  Text can be rotated at any angle, flipped, moved, edited later, anti-aliased, should I continue... 

yes you can draw a single pixel, that's been possible in every version of PE I've tried/used.

Moving selections is extremely easy

yes there's a right click menu



Of course there is more to face recognition than organizing your files, it make it easier for big brother to make use of your online photos, not that it might not help in some cases but it definitely needs to be addressed 

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