Phantom Lapboard Review



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Did anyone actually use this thing before slapping it into a box and shipping it off to retailers? What a positively shitty idea. 



Yeah, I use an old shelving unit out of a flat-pack entertainment center since the stock keyboard on my laptop misses as many keystrokes and entire words as it picks up. holds my logitech mx 3000 desktop quite nicely.


I thought when I saw the picture "hey, great idea" but... no lip to stop the mouse from careening across the room, no media keys, and I have to type like the hunchback of Notre Dame? No thanks. I'll stick with the plank of pressed wood.


Keith E. Whisman

Check out these MaximumPC articles on the Phantom so you know the history of this POS. and here


Keith E. Whisman

Come on now the last review of this thing received a much higher score. Whatever I'm just glad that my earlier thoughts on this thing have panned out and it's been labeled a POS like I said it was.



I just use a plank of unused Pergo floor cut to the length of my Logitech wireless keyboard and glued-on mousepad.  Nothing fancy but seems to work as well as this contraption and it was free!

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