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Why not just dig up an old email only blackberry and go that route. Seems like a step backwards, plus most mobile phones can access hotmail and gmail or even your regular ISP's email, if you happen to also use their cell service, through the built in web browser - sure its txt only but you don't have to carry around another gadget and pay another bill on top of the service you already have, pretty darn useless...



The price on the review applies to the new Peek Pronto set to come out in the next few weeks. But the review of this article is obvious that it is based on the regular Peek which cost $49.99 (but are on sale for around $25 to $30 at Target right now). Peek Pronto overcome many of the shortcoming mentioned in the article such as being able to open and read .doc and .pdf attachment. The Peek Pronto will also have push e-mail and it also includes unlimited texting. The Peek Pronto supports 5 accounts rather than the Peek three. It also should be mentioned that the fact that both Peek require NO contract at all. All you need is a credit card to pay for the months you need the Peek. Being deaf, all I really need is e-mail and texting so I will be disconnecting my t-mobile blackberry and even with the $200 ETF fee, switching to the Peek still saves me tons of money.


While Peek don't have many features, there are plently of services to help with that such as ENT and for more info on what services could be used with the Peek, look at this link.


Also, if you buy a Peek right now with software version 1.04 - 1.08, you can send your  Peek in to have a free upgrade to the Peek Pronto.

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