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WOAH! They charge a hell of a lot of money. I like this company, but I can't justify spending that kind of premium for their system. I mean I just configured a computer on their website, that came out $1416 with $118 for shipping and I configured the same computer with another company and they charge $1154 with free shipping. That's almost $400 more for the same computer.... You can keep your computer Origin, I'm going with Ironside. You can check it out for yourself their website is IronsideComputers.com.



Only dislike is the koolance liquid cooling..



I understand that there is some level of dispute regarding the following statement after reading these comments, but I would have to agree with MaximumPC writer with its "spot on" call about the "old versus the new" Alienware.  I had been a customer of Alienware since 2003, and for purposes exclusive of explanation, not gloating, I had purchased in the time from 2003 through 2008 well over 25k in computers for personal use.  Yes, I am a tech freak, I am seeking help, so no need to recommend anyone, but I can recommend her to you if you like...  you know who you are.  Getting back from the commercial break; the computers I bought were all high end, so more quality, than volume in my purchases.   I know it is long, but throw in a couple of zingers, and you might keep people interested, so try to read through.

In the term of office, four years, with Alienware, I saw a decline in customer service when Alienware transferred ownership to Dell in 2006, similarly to the decline in America in the four years that Bush was President.  Unequivocally, a landslide decline; however, it took Bush four years to destroy our country (and possible the world - almost makes you wonder whether he did it on purpose), and it only took Dell two years to destroy Alienware.  Before self destruction, Alienware did always maintain rock solid, "stone the customer policy" for not offering dedicated customers discounts on new purchases, which I did not believe was good busines for a boutique.  Come on Alienware, if a customer buys $10k in computers the first year, you do not offer them "free shipping" the second year on another $6k purchase.  However, during the early parts of their candidacy, what other options did you have?  Sure there were gaming machine manufacturers out there, but only Alienware built an Alienware.  However, in the early days of Alienware, when there was light, and the company was simple... man, what a great concept, product and service.

Getting back to current events, the final ball to drop in the Republc of Alienware was product quality.  The last computer I had purchased in 2008, was an m15x "decked out" with maximum upgrades.  The unit's motherboard, video card, memory and harddrive all went bad within and right outside... one year.  MaximumPC wants to talk about long term, I think they need to reevaluate that m15X they praised so highly.  I mean, when you break down what I had said went wrong, what else is left, right?  Oh yes, during the entire time the lights on the keyboard, and around the mouse and screen still worked; kind of makes you wonder how a motherboard could be bad, but AlienFusion, or whatever, stays lit up.  For all practices and purposes, I went from a decked out computer "whoa" gaming machine, to a decked out paperweight/flashlight that only extasy popping zombies at night clubs would appreciate. 

Moving on, rather than continuing this downward spiral and long testament of how poorly I was treated from that point and how much they had me spend in replacement only to tell me that they had no record of it when the motherboard the replaced the original motherboard went bad again a couple months later, lets just say, they handled the entire process EXTREMELY POORLY.  I could bullet the matter, but I think you get the point; pun INTENTIONALLY EMPHASIZED.

Ultimately, I hate Alienware so much now that I refuse to purchase anything from them... not because of a corporate choice, or a change in direction, I am not against corporate America, its had its own problems of late... In reality, I am part of it and develop companies in it... no, rather, because they no longer stood behind their products, and they no longer could differentiate between a customer who purchases a $200 Dell and a customer who purchases a $7000 Alienware, and maybe even go so far as to throw $200 parts from the "parts bin" for their Ford Contour in their Aston Martin DB9 (sound familiar car fans?)... Basically, it is  like that saying, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, get me a gun, an alibi, and a good lawyer, because I am not going to be the one shamed.

Anyway... beacuse of Alienware, I build my own desktops now, which I enjoy, so maybe that hatred was a blessing in disguise.  Everytime I build a new monster build, I chant to the song, "I don't... like... candy-corn", but change the words, "I can't... stand... Alien-ware".  However, I am stuck with the laptops.  I needed to find a new manufacturer for my laptops, because I knew if I tried to build one, I would end up either "fyring my soldliers", or otherwise create an unintentional time bomb that TSA would have me laid face down should I take the computer through an airport... being Lebanese doesn't help either.  To say the least, not going to try it.  Thus, in a song of praise, I found Origin PC early into their life cycle, not that the company is a vetaran, like MaximumPC stated.  I must tell you, there is one thing I definitely do not agree with MaximumPC's review, OriginPC is nothing like the "old Alienware", it is BETTER: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!  I guess it is time to get serious, because there is nothing more serious than spending over 5k on a laptop in the middle of an economic crisis.  Thus, here is my Robb Report:

I spoke with an agent from the company for an extended period of time that was also there for every step of my purchase.  I needed the computer quickly to go out of the country, he had it built within that time, and even was able to get into the build modifications originally unavailable yet desired at the time of the build.  I bought their "monster laptop", and I adore it.  As a computer builder myself, and now owning this computer for almost six months, "knock on wood", not one problem with this monster machine.  It plays games almost as well as the monster desktop build I put together that scored a 27k on 3dMark06.  I still must concede that six months may not constitute long term, but based on the term of the company's life cycle, this is probably as close as you can get to long term.

Moreover, I have a dedicated engineer who assists me for updates, upgrades and whatever I need. The guy is practically a "personal service shopper", I mean, what better support can you get than dedicated support?  As an added bonus, my personal service shopper technical support guy - mybe I need an initializm for that, MPSSTSG? Nah - will assist with any technical support, even beyond your purchase.  You have an old Alienunfair, and you can send it to Origin, they will gut it, and rebuild it for you - and hopefully send the Alienware icon back to Alienware from OriginPC, how is that one for, "in your face"?  You build your own computer and you need someone's input, in comes Origin.  I am in the industry, and customer support is the most important aspect of a successful ecommerce and computer/gaming company.  BOTTOM LINE, THERE IS NO OTHER COMPUTER MANUFACTURER THAT OFFERS THIS LEVEL OF COMMITMENT AND PERSONAL SERVICE. 

I am EXTREMELY satisfied with their service and their products.  I am not exactly sure how anyone could say different, as even if there was any level of disparity between the service I received and another OriginPC customer received, it could not be that different.  I am a dollars and cents kind of businessman, I know that you cannot provide "personal service shopper" level of customer service and tech support once you become volume; there just isn't enough time in the day to allocate your resources in such a manner.  It will be interesting to see how OriginPC handles a larger volume.  However, and notwithstanding, you must take into consideration why the Alienware Execs left: their vision for the company was shelved and abandoned for a more corporate structure with Dell, which left a void that Digital Storm, CyberPower and other gaming manufacturers "lept in" to fill.  I can tell you that OriginPC deserves and with the way they offer their products and service support for their products, will acquire, their part of that void as a custom, gaming, computer manufacturer.  Finally, if those Alienware execs left because they were unhappy with the direction Alienware took with its support and products, then there is no reason to believe that despite any massive volume of sales from success, OriginPC will not continue to maintain groundbreaking service for its customer, it just may be groundbreaking service for a company that sells high volume, rather than low volume, what is important is that the concept remains intact.

OriginPC, you have a customer for life.  Thank you!!!

Daniel J. Shamy, Esquire

www.gamemine.com; www.ks-law.com


Talcum X

 That is a very clean cabling job.  I'm impressed.  I know, the case design has a lot to do with it.  wish my WaveMaster had such features, along with better front ventilation.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



I purchased a system from Origin a couple months ago and so far have been relatively happy with the system.  Like most of you here, I have always built my own systems - this is my first pre-built since the Gateway 2000 Pentium 120 I got way back in highschool.  Whatever the case, the build quality is fantastic and what drew me to Origin was their willingness to customize it with literally ANY component on the market.  The motherboard, psu, gpu, case, and even case fans I selected were not part of their online configurator and had to be special ordered.  I also sent in some of my existing parts to have installed in the system.  So basically I was getting the EXACT config I would have built myself, only with much neater cabling/wiring :) 

As for the price/premium of having someone else build and service the system, it only amounted to a few hundred dollars.  And to those who ALWAYS counter with comments like "just build it yourself! it only takes a few hours! what a waste of money! blah blah blah!", sorry but with my hectic work schedule, I'd rather spend what little free time I have with my family and friends. I also can't afford any kind of downtime since one of my businesses is online so I needed something ready to go right out of the box.  But in the end, one of the reasons why I bust my ass working all the time is so I can afford to splurge on toys every now and then, as I'm sure most everyone here can relate!  Since finishing school a year ago, I haven't had much free time since I pretty much work 24/7, but having a badass new PC, M6 and R8 to play with definitely make it all worthwhile :)  So in the end, spending a little extra on an Origin PC versus a homebuilt (and yes I did compare pricing with components spec'd out at Newegg!) was a no brainer for me. 

But I do have one complaint..  I noticed that Origin now ships their systems in sturdy wooden crates.  This was NOT the case with my system, and unfortunately it arrived with a large dent on the side panel.  I notified Origin immediately and they quickly responded by sending over a brand new replacement.  However, the replacement I received - although brand new and still factory sealed - was also damaged!  I repeatedly e-mailed both the Origin customer service rep who had been handling my case, as well as my original sales rep. NEITHER bothered to even reply!  I find this completely inexcusable, so despite being happy with the overall build quality of the system I received, I will most likely look elsewhere when it comes time to make another purchase.  Just thought I'd share my experience with any other potential buyers out there.



The best thing I liked about the old Alienware (Pre Dell) was that I could go to their site and spec out exactly what I wanted to buy and build, since they used to use off the shelf products. My last endeavour, a long, long time ago, I even had the old Hydraulic case. (push the button and the optical bay cover slid down slowly.) I remember emailing Alienware and asking them where they got their cases and I got a snotty remark back. Can't say I didn't blame them. I found the case though. I built one of their 4,000 dollar systems for about 2500 bucks. I even had a friend order me an Alienware case badge for the square slot on the generic case.  It was an Alienware, through and through, with newegg parts and a generic case. I can't even remember who the case manufacturer was at the time. Either way, saved me tons and I got the snooty cred that came along with owning one.  I loved that case and it was less than 100 bucks. That was before they started selling their own proprietary case.  Fun memories....




Looks like the best watercooling loop I've ever seen on a prebuilt - quick disconnects on the video cards and push-pull fans on the radiators - not to mention the fans look like Noiseblockers, which go for $20+ each in the U.S. (not the best fans for radiators...but they are quiet, and sexy - so at least $180 worth of fans in that rig)

Still, its a shame people ruin good loops by dumping dyes/additives in their water



In the review, you mention "old" Alienware, like it was better before than it is now..  yeah right.  The old Alienware cared about one thing, and one thing only:  Money.  My two experiences with Alienware confirmed this all to well.  First off, customer service reps had their heads up their asses when it came to computer parts.  They would lie to you about what you need, trying to get you to spend more.  Build times would be weeks, even a full month after their "estimated build time".  Once you actually got the computer, it would crash in games and benchmarks.  Mind you, it was because of a bad motherboard, one they just recently started using.  But how do you explain missing parts?  I ordered a MPEG-2 decoder and they did not include it, even though they charged me for it.  Quality Assurance 101:  Make sure you have all the parts.  Plus, when I opened the case, the so called "high performance" RAM they charge extra for turned out to be "VALUeRAM".  None of these things were caused by shipping damage either.  After a few weeks, I got a different motherboard and my MPEG-2 decoder card I ordered but overall the experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

Five years later, I wanted to give Alienware a second chance.  But don't let their fancy website fool you.  First off, they refused to recognize me as a previous customer, one that spent over $4000.  Apparently, my information was "not in their system".  Again, their build time was weeks delayed.  When I finally got the machine, there was a big scratch on one of the side doors and the front bottom right part of the case had a dent.  Also, one of the DVD drives was extended out of the case slightly, so the front door wouldn't close fully.  I tried to analyze if this was cause by shipping damage.  After pushing the DVD drive firmly, it would not budge.  After closer inspection, I determined it was installed that way.  What kind of idiot would install a DVD drive so far out, the front door would not even close?  Also the scratch on the side, could not have been made during shipping.  There were big styrofoam blocks on the top and bottom, extending to the width of the box, giving several inches of free space for the sides.  Anyways, the system was the loudest machine I've ever heard.  Even with headphones on at full volume, I could hear the machine clearly.  Performance was sub-par, a lot less then what I expected from another $4000 gaming machine.  The next day, I turned the machine on and was greeted with a message in Windows saying the machine did not have enough power and was downclocking my hardware.  I had the best power supply in the world at that time, the PC Power and Cooling 510.  The one MaximumPC used in their Dream Machines.  And I didn't have enough power?  I finally said enough is enough and sent the machine back for a refund.  Got slapped with a $300 "restocking fee" but I just wanted the thing out of my house and to be done with this horrible company.

Both of these orders were placed in 1999 and 2004, years before the Dell acquisition.  So the "three founders of Alienware" were still running the show at that time.  Alienware was so bad back then, go to www.resellerratings.com , search Alienware and filter low results.  Look at the results prior to 2006.  There are pages and pages of horror stories from Alienware customers, most of which are a lot worse than my experiences.  This must be the reason the "three founders" jumped ship.  They knew their reputation was screwed, so they wanted to do a fresh start.  New company, new name.  But don't let that full you.  These people are incompetent and do not know how to run a company, let alone build quality PC's.  With their business practices in this economy, Origins will not be around, trust me.


I Jedi

I read some of your comment, but it was way too long to fully read it; however, from what I read, it sounds like you yourself have purchased a system or two from Alienware. What I never got is why people, who are capable, do not prefer to build their own systems, so that they can say,"Yeah, that's right, I'm just that badass." I built my own gaming machine, and it by far wow'ed people when they first saw it. I always believe, and will continue to, that building your own rig is the best idea because you are the maker, repairman, and keeper of your rig.



I think that if you have enough money to buy one of these overpriced machines then you can take time during one of of your luxurious vacations in Dubai to take the all of an hour to figure out how to build one. You throw a 980x, 3 of any either one of ATI's 5870 or Nvidia's 480 video cards in a machine with 6 gigs of ram and 2 SSDs in raid 0 and you wont' notice a difference. Water-cooling is nice but a decent after-market CPU cooler and the right number of case fans in a push/pull config and you'll be fine. What I'd like to see is rig that consists of ASUS 1366 mobo and 5870 GPU, Corsair 800 case/ Dominator GT ram/1000 power supply/CPU cooler/Force SSDs, Intel 980 CPU, Western digital sata III hard drives, and Pioneer DVD burner. I made a wish list consisting of just these companies and I think for a little under 6k you guys could build a rig that could destroy everything you have reviewed...that isn't liquid cooled. I would just look badass also. If you wanted to go water-cooled you could ditch the Corsair cooler and do a slick Koolance system. Build it and I will read.



...but nonetheless a very good explanation of why Alienware is just overpriced POS.  I can remember when I first started to indulge in PC gaming, people were touting Alienware like it was Fatal1ty (or however his stupid tag is spelled).  For the price of an Alienware system, I could build at least 2 or 3 equally performing systems (at least 1 being used as a "control" or replacement).  I had a couple of friends some years back who bought Alienware systems simply because they thought it was the coolest thing on Earth.

Mobo: MSI 770-C45

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE

Memory: 6GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3

Video: 1GB Diamond ATI Radeon HD5770

Monitor: 19" Viewsonic VX1935wm

HDD: 320GB Western Digital SATA

CD/DVD: Pioneer DVR-111D



I didn't see a price for this particular model on their website.  Now you can build your own and probably get the specs to match the reviewed one, but I don't care that much to find out.





23 bucks!!!!! I'm getting 100 of these bad boys!!!!






I'm taking into account the shipping and handling.

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