NZXT Tempest



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I built my last PC using that case. I love every bit of it exceopt the lack of fan control.



At Newegg, in the specifications page, it says there is 1 3.5" external bay.  Where?  I didn't see one of them as such or a bay converter faceplate.  I'll go to NZXT home page to see. 


Sincerely yours, from FOB Striker, Iraq,

SGT Samuel E. McClard II


Life's a journey, enjoy the ride!!



The front panel input array does not include a Firewire port as described in the review.  A look at the manufactureres site confirms this.  Too bad, that's a killer omit for me.



That's correct, rexcawley.  My mistake -- I'm unsure how that got into the review.



Thanks for the timely review. I am on my way to newegg for the Tempest. Time to move the old out of the P180 and rebuild. The old machine is still a great system for a student or moderate gamer so I will rebuild it in a new case and donate.That's the beauty of being an enthusiast. Our definition of old and tired is still quite good for most others.

Bob Cook
Montgomery, TX



Hey Dave:

I liked the review, since it was helpful in deciding my recent case, but I have a suggestion/request. Could you take a photo with a 8800GTX inside of the case so we can get a good idea of how are own video cards would fit in? And if possible, could you also take one with the ATI equivilant cards, either the 4850/4870?  This would be really appreciated by me and many others who are seriously looking to buy these cases that you have reviewed.





Do me a favor:  shoot me an e-mail reminder (david at maximumpc dot com) and i'll slap an 8800GTX in the Tempest come Monday morning.  A picture will soon be yours.

And you raise a good point -- perhaps it's time we start documenting the testing process of our rigs, just to give more context when we say "fits," "barely fits," or "room for a video card and a large cat."

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