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Based on what MPC writes, they put it in the mid category simply because the actual dimensions are what they see in other mid cases, regardless of what NZXT labels it on their site.

You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to.  At least the measurements are there so you can decide for yourself.  ;-)

Nice to see a case this size that doesn't require you to remove a drive cage to fit a large video card, btw.



it's a full tower.



Is this a full-tower case or mid-tower case? NZXT's website says this is full-tower. If so, you need to edit the Best of the best mid-tower section.



they need to edit a few of their 'Best of the Best' items actually. This IS a Full-Tower, regardless of what MPC says, as NZXT is the maker and knows what it's talking about for their products.  Their 'Budget" CPU is biased to Intel. Yes Intel does have good CPUs, BUT budgets will vary and they need to offer something of a "sub- catagory" for  Budget CPUs. such as $ 50-150" or some sort of equivilant as not everyone is going to put down $225 for an i5-2500k, some might prefer a lower end i5 or high end Core i3. Not to mention the bang for the buck AMD CPUs and APUs that can be had for pennies on the dollar by comparuson while still being very decent for the price and work just as well.. And despite Gordon't credentials, Not everyone building a budget system is going to overclock their stuff. Some might and some might not and I feel that he failed to take that into consideration, putting his own preferences into that to bias the price range for it. Heck in the mag on the stands with the DM2011 machine on the cover, in the reader comments , someone actually calls MPC out on that it tends to sometimes bias the results.  Fortunately Maximum PC remains professional and does this only a fraction compared to PC World that always throws biased and misinformed articles and reviews into it's mag and on it's site.

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