NZXT Khaos



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I have not seen this case in person, but I have seen it in multiple places online. I notice a flaw, it might not actually be there, but what I imagine is that you have to have PSUs with rear fans. A lot of PSUs these days have fans on the top or sides, and with dual PSU support with the two PSUs virtually on top of each other it seems like it creates little air flow. The dual PSUs is also a big plus for me, and this is actually the case I plan on buying, or putting into another one of my schemes. Having two 1200 watt PSUs can be great because you know you will have enough power to power a sever more less a gaming rig...and if one goes out you have another that you can just put all the connections in with.

If anyone knows about the fans with the PSUs please post about it to clear up my confusion. 



omg the price is ridiculous...i really like the look of this case, and i went on newegg, and it was 439.99!! That's ridiculous isn't a cosmos even less than that?





I sell computers for a living at an enthusiest shop. The most popular cases from my sales records are as follows:

 1. NZXT Temest

2. NZXT Hush

3. Antec Sonata III

4. Antec twelve hundred

5. Cooler master CM590


I sell a cosmos maybe once a week, and I've only ever sold one cosmos s... and that was to myself...


Keith E. Whisman

Perhaps NZXT will grow a big pair and make their own Cosmos like case. That would be cool. Perhaps it would be an improvement over the perfection of the Cosmos.

I'm glad to see a budget company going big time. Perhaps they'll turn into true competition with the likes of Antec, Coolermaster and Themaltake etc etc etc.

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