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I'm curious as to why Maximum PC has yet to include a Core i7 test bed.

Core i7 thermals are much higher than C2Q's and it would be nice to see how well these coolers perform on i7 platforms. Granted the old Q6700 isn't the coolest of processors, but an i7 950 would be a better thermal test of these heat sinks because often these things work great with C2Q's but can't quite handle the high end thermals of an i7.



you guys need to review  Prolimatech Megahalems is the best cpu cooler in the market.



I used this cooler in it's available 1366 configuration and it keeps my X58 Classified/ i7 975 well under 30'C at idle and below 50'C when working really hard.  I used the second fan to replace the noisey a$$ fan that came standard in my case, so that extra fan was a nice bonus as my overall case noise is way down now and it is a pleasant sounding white noise ta boot.

 The spring clips to hold the fan onto the sink are designed that way for a reason and I personally found them easy to install and remove if you need to, to make adjustments and such.

I can't recommend this cooler enough;

Great value for the money, and from what I've read, great service after the sale - if you need it.

 Go get one!





I must say, I'm very impressed with Noctua's fans. I put an NF-B9 as a replacement into my CPU cooler and it's amazingly quiet at full speed. A review of the NF-B9 that I read somewhere stated that the guy's hard drive is now his loudest component - and, quite frankly, he's absolutely right... The max RPM is a lot lower than my old fan, but somehow this thing still flows enough air to keep the CPU at the same temp as my old fan - but while being completely silent. 




Why haven't you guys reviewed the Prolimatech Megahalems CPU cooler?  IMO it's the best on the market and receives very little exposure.  If anyone needs it, they do.

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