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Thank you for review

I have an ASUS P7P55D motherboard (not premium as yours), but my case is smaller (Thermaltake S-Viking; 440 x 200 x 505 mm Dimensions ) .

I have concerns about compatibility of the Noctua NH-C14 with ASUS P7P55D because in the manufacturers web site this motherboard doesn't list as compatible board. Is there any photos of NH-C14 on the P7P55D Premium board?  In what direction is C bend? I have a very small gap between the top edge of the mainboard and PSU in my case; is the cooler exceed the top edge of the mainboard? Is there any potential problem with graphic card?    

Thank you...




Is it just me?  I can rarely tell which scores are bolded.  Maybe it would be better to use a different color to highlight the best scores.  Just saying...



I still haven't seen the Cooler Master tested with two fans. That would put some perspective on these cooler reviews, because the CM 212+ only runs one fan. At least that's all I have seen in any of the reviews that compare it to others.



The Hyper 212+ only ships with one fan. I tested it with another fan of the same type (so 2 fans, push/pull), and saw temperature changes of about 1C. Nothing meaningful. I was surprised; I expected better than that. 

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