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 What a nightmare of a product and the worst customer service I have seen in some time. Based on review in MPC I got this for Christmas. Should have saw trouble coming when TVIO has no mention of this product on their site. Have to go to Nero, bad to worst. Phone system is awful e-mail gets no reply except to download the trial, which I had. Nero wants two bucks a minute after first 10 days for any support. Long story short I gave up and tossed this joke of software in the trash. Very surprised I have not seen any favorable reviews except MPC. 



No it realy does not cost more to use snap stream or any of the other mediacenter software out there.

1: This thing is junk from the get go and Ahead should be ashamed of it.

2: None of the others I have found charge by the month.

3: This gives you a headache from the start, you have read the user reviews and they are for the most part thumbs down, if the product does not work as this one does not then it has cost you far more than it could ever be worth




I saw this review and headed to Amazon to get a price.  I noticed a huge discrepancy in their customers opinions of this product vs. this review.  I think 5 people thought it was worthy of 3,4, or 5 stars, while 16 gave it a one star review. 

 This discrepancy doesn't show itself in other tech mags, and has made me doubt the veracity of all your reviews. 



Why bother with subscription based TIVO?

You can use Windows MediaCenter or for better functionality my choice was Snapstream - Beyond TV

Yes, it cost more but it also has more capabilities and less restrictions.



No Aeon Flux, Dog Boy, or Stick Figure Theatre?



Does anyone know if the files are TIVO or MPEG format. That is the thing I hate about my home Tivo is that the files are TIVO format that require a media access key to play (Windows Media Player only).



This seems like a great idea at first but personally I see pretty limited demand for it. If you're the kind of person who can set up a HTPC and would be aware that this product exists and would buy it and install it... you're probably the kind of person who would use a mouse and Windows Media Center, instead of a remote and the Tivo software.

The whole idea behind Tivo is that it's very simple and easy, and anyone can use it. But the people who could really use this product probably wouldn't buy it and set it up themselves. I guess it's pretty good for people who have computer literate friends to help them get things set up. Or maybe for more advanced users who just really like the Tivo interface and want to use a remote.

Hmm... just went and read some reviews and wow are they awful. The software is pretty broken and it is unable to perform at anywhere near the level of a real Tivo, it records the wrong episodes of shows, it crashes, it's just a mess. I guess that's why this thing was $200 earlier this year, and is now down to $60 at You're pretty much buying a tuner and a remote, with some very spotty software being thrown in for free.

At least it does seem to work for SOME people... certain people seem to have theirs running well and the Maximum PC reviewer seems to be one of them. 



Ok I tried out Nero's Liquid TV based off of Maximum PC's review and it was an absolutely horrible experience.

I installed the Liquid tv and drivers and it would not work so I tried calling Nero's tech support and was told that they only have one person on staff who can handle Liquid TV problems and they would call me back.. But never did.

 Every time I try to connect to the Tivo service it says it is not responding.  So of course I have disabled and even went so far as to uninstall my fire wall and disabled the firewall in my router as well and yet it will not connect.

 So I check and download the newest version of Liquid TV from their site. Still it does not work. Finaly I decide I'll format my computer and reinstall windows and then try again. So I format, install liquid tv and download my critcal updates and install all my computer's drivers..  Still Liquid TV does not work.

 So I think. Ok maybe my ISP is blocking Tivo. So I call AT&T and sit on the phone with them for a good bit of time while they check over everything and finaly she decides that there is nothing on their end blocking it.

 So I try calling Nero for the 6th day in a row and get a hold of some knucklehead that does not give me the same "We only have one person who can handle liquid tv problems" line and all this worthless piece of flesh says is "Its your Firewall"  "No" I say "I have disabled and uninstalled my firewall, It is Not the firewall" to which he replies "I dont know what to tell you, its your firewall"  "Bahh you people are idiots" I say "Click" 

 So finaly at this point I start thinking I never did see the .NET framework get updated when I ran my windows update after reinstalling so I go back and realize that the .NET framework is under Custom Updates so I get all the .NET upgrades and magically TIVO starts working after that.  Of course I had already had .NET installed prior to formating because I know I needed it for something, maybe steam or impulse or some online games, but maybe it was not the up to date version or something, who knows. Anyways now I have Tivo finaly working kind of, not very well really since it still wants to stutter and not work 100% appropriately. 

 Overall I'm pretty dissapointed. Particularly when Win 7 will come with Media center that does the same thing for free I'm thinking.


I really cant imagine that there is any good reason for TIVO to not work well on my computer.  Its definitely time for me to build a new computer which I'm working on now (Just bought me a new ATCS 840 Case) but no reason this computer should have any problems running Tivo


Asus A8N SLI premium

AMD 64 X2 +4800 Overclocked

Geforce 9800 GX2

 2G Ram


I cant imagine that should really be having trouble running simple TIVO on a fresh install of Windows XP



Surprised this got such a good score.  Most reviews around the net are much more negative, mainly about the software being unstable.

It's pretty cheap at Amazon at the moment so will give this a second look.



I've been looking around to pick up a TV Tuner or a TiVO Kit for sometime, my main concern is I'm a Deaf indivual in Ontario, Canada and Closed Captioning is a MUST.  Apparently with some tuners captioning is only available in the US side of things. Media Center should support it with any card, but seems most cards are built to work only in the US even though they're 'sold' in Canada. After spending cash for a TV tuner and finding out that Media Centre won't work with it unless I'm in the US is just crushing. Aren't there any that will work with Media Centre in Canada?

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