MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III Power Edition Review



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Just wondering, but have you considered starting to post temps in these reviews MPC? I know what this card runs at because I own one, but if a graphics card has a high end cooler on it like this wouldn't it make sense to show idle and load temps so readers can know what the price premium over a stock card is (or isn't) getting them? Just a thought.



I got myself one of those earlier MSI 6950 that can flashed to 6970. I followed the instruction and overclocked it. I have beening running that for 3 months and not a problem. I play Crysis on Max with that card at 1900x1600 on a 24inch Dell monitor. I am looking for its twin brother but exact same card costs like over 300 now. I bought mine for $270 with $30 mail in rebate so $240 total from Amazon. I should have snatch two but I was a bit of down that time. Now I regard that decision.



If you're going to talk about this 6950's performance vs a stock 6970, it would be nice if you put up some stock 6970 numbers.  That would be exceptionally useful.  A lot of us do not have stock 6970 performance numbers memorized.

Or, maybe just go halfway, and throw a link to some 6970 numbers.  Thanks!



I kinda thought about getting a 6900 Series but ended up going for the 6870 (an MSI Twin Frozr II) since I didn't feel like spending more than $250 out the door (I originally had a budget of $200 but didn't feel like getting the same GPU that failed on me).  For the resolution I run at, the 6870 can make it seem like I have a 6970 in my rig anyways.

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