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I have always hated it when people complain about have to upgrade to NEW RAM technology. Give it just a few months and RAM is always the cheapest component in a PC to upgrade, and give it 6 months and you get Twice as much of a better product for half the price.

  I am always more upset when I have to throw away a video card or a processor. Especially if you buy an extreme edition of either one, Video Cards in AGP where upwards of $400, now going almost to $700 even though Nvidia did have a price break, and Processor well over a grand. Don't complain about RAM, throw the DDR2 in the trash and reach for the new stuff and get over it.





Great review, Gordon. It expresses my continuing gripe with transitional foot-in-past-and-future designs.  

Just a minor quibble, though: I'd reverse the bombers you chose for the up and down factors. The B-58 broke a ton of records in its day and was also a movie star (it plays the "Vindicator" bomber in the original movie version of Fail-Safe). On the other hand, the XB-70 never flew an operational mission, and one of them crashed tragically during an aerial photo shoot gone horribly wrong.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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