MSI GX640-098US Notebook Review



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WTF is wrong with the gfx card in this thing? A 5850 should be able to run FarCry 2 @ 60 FPS, easily!



the mobile version is probably super underclocked.  thats all i can guess.



I have the same laptop. However after I update the videocard driver and the bios, this baby starts to fly. 3dmark06 went up as high as 12500 when I oced. You need to redo the benchmark. as for the red wasd and arrow keys, that would be a con for me.



Wow,... talk about a day late and a dollar short. you can not even buy this laptop now. It was replaced more that 2 months ago with the GX640-260US model with the 450M processor. I bought mine at the end of June. MAXIMUMPC, what is wrong with you?

BTW,.. I love this machine. It's worked great for all the games I've thrown at it (and I'm not talking about Minesweeper or Hearts). Bad Company 2 works like a dream as does Just Cause 2, TF2, and everything else in my Steam library.



What exactly are the benchmarks for? I see iBuyPower MT20X in the bench table, and no GX640.

Also, the 5850 shouldn't be slower than a GTX 260M from what I've heard- isn't it a downclocked Mobility 5870?



yes the 5850m is just a down clocked version of the 5870 with 625/1000 instead of 700/1000. I own the gx640 and I can easily use ati overdrive to oc it to 700/1000. I am guessing maximumpc screw up their benchmark or that they forgot the update the driver or bios before testing



Sorry, I cut and pasted the table from another review and changed the benchmark numbers but forgot to change the column header.



I was thinking the same thing. Notebookcheck has average benchmarks in the 40+ fps range for Crysis at high detail with the 5870. The 260M sits around 38 though, granted, they only have one data point for that one. Still, it seems pretty strange that MSI would have screwed up so bad that they can only get 17fps on medium settings with a kickass card like the 5870. 

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