MSI E350IA-E45 Fusion Motherboard Review



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Looking for my next HTPC build just wondering about this system to play Netflix HD. Is it possible or not ? CPU looks to weak for Silverlight. Well anyway Gordon have you tried to play Netflix HD on it ?



if it can handle Youtube in HD, I'd assume it could handle netflix, hulu, et all. and why does it look to weak for silverlight? the only weakness on that count seems to be that it's single channel memory (a real head scratcher considering my 6 year-old amd board has that)



Saw this the other day when casually shopping the web for various products.  Glad Gordon put it through the ringer and gave us the pertinent information.  Not sure why this is being compared to something that costs literally 5x more ($140 vs. $820) given its target market, but they probably figure once you add memory, drive(s), PSU, and case, you're already halfway there.  A good start and a nice preview of the upcoming Bulldozer line.


Fecal Face

Sounds like an excellent idea for someone who wants to hook up a cheap PC to their TV and play movies / recorded TV in 1080p from a NAS or something.



I'm confused about all this Fusion / Sandy Bridge stuff.  Is there a REAL REASON to shift from the conventional socket/chip/discrete graphics solution?



Well it depends on where you fall on the usage scale. As Gordon points out, if you're rocking the old(er) school games, or doing mostly word processing or surfing, it'll save you a hundred bucks or more over a discrete video solution that still gives excellent day to day performance, plus saves quite a few watts of power bill.

but yeah, if you're looking to run Crysis north of 1280 pixels, then yeah, stick with a 1366 or AM+ socket and your choice of discrete graphics cards.



In my opinion, definately not if you are looking towards high performance machines, the 1.6GHz dual core should be evidence enough of that. :p

But in laptops, netbooks or HTPCs (and perhaps some tablets in the coming months, fingers crossed), the low power consumption, compact formfactor and reduced heat generation make an attractive combo for smaller, longer battery life or quieter systems. Which was probably the idea in the first place.

I think some more powerful APUs are coming down the pipe, but I doubt AMD will ever squeeze a 6970 onto a CPU. Maybe. But unlikely. :p

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