MSI Big Bang-XPower Review



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Only the first revision had the vertical SATA 6.0 ports.  I have this motherboard and the two ports are now aligned with the SATA 3.0 ports.



Thanks for setting us straight on the SATA ports.  Since you have this board, can you tell us if you agree that the OC Dashboard is buggy?

And the only other ding this board got:

"The board defaults to S1 standby, which keeps all of the fans whirring and power going to the peripherals. The European EuP 2013 mode, aka use-less-than-1W-of-power mode, is also on, which prevents USB devices from waking the machine. Here in America, we can use more than 1 watt on standby, so set the board to S3 standby, disable the EuP 2013 mode, and switch on “wake on USB.”"

I'm guessing this is a one time bios setup issue, which to me isn't an issue.  What's your take?


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