McAfee Internet Security 2010



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A friend of mine just bought McAfee Internet Security Suite, and while he was trying to run setup, it said that it was preparing the setup process and to please wait.He waited for hours and nothing happened.He rebooted his computer and tried again.Still nothing.He closed every program including taskbar programs that he had running and still nothing.But I'm not here to pick on McAfee – mistakes happen in all software.I told him to search an answer on a virtualization security blog.I'm not that good at this stuff anyway and he will probably get the best solution from experts.


Elisabeth Brittani

I had a third-degree meeting with the mentioned Trojan, that hadn't let me access the Task Manager. It was awful, because nothing I used didn't seem to remove it. I even had to reinstall the computer again and as a publisher network manager, I have to tell you this is not so very pleasant. The thing didn't go, I managed to lose it by chance, don't know what happened. So I say that as long as McCafee managed to kill it with fire, though through doubtful means, the antivirus is very good.

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