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This game deserves kick ass. I originally bought it on the X360, but have sold it. I still love Mass Effect, and am going to buy it sooner or later. It's just huge, and looking at the galaxy makes me wish we had technology to go through our own.

BTW....Bioware talked about it, and said when they believe they can't squeeze any more cash from the game they will release a patch to disable the DRM.




I just got the game Mass Effect, more than a year after the release date, and I just love the game and so far have had very few issues. I did register the game and installed the updates Bring Down the Sky and patches.  Even with playing it on my very old hardware. I am talking 3.4 P4 Prescott CPU, 2G Corsair DDR PC3200, on a ASUS 865 MOBO, using a PCI Promise Fasttrak SATA HD controler, AGP ATI X1950 Pro, X-FI Extrem Music sound card, two WD 74G SATA HD (0 RAID) running Windows Media Center at 1280 x 960, one Maxtor 250G HD for games (off the motherbord), two more 250G HD for recording HDTV (0 RAID), and a Mitsubishi 2070SB CRT. These parts were mostly the Best of the Best at the time, but the system is configured into a Media/Gamer PC It even records TV when I play.  While playing I was emersed into the game like no other I have played. I did feel limited moving around and wish it was more like Half Life 2 and wish I could  jump and climb around with Mass Effects story line.  One day!!! RPG/Sci Fi shoters!!!  Hey baby, bring em!!!  If you only play this game in 20 hours your missing out. I think you should take your time and enjoy the payoff.  Enjoy!!!



best RPG iv ever played!!!!

on second playthrough lv47!!!

out of intrest what are you sqaud members of choice? (mine are kiaden and garrus)



For the love of God please check their forums first.

While Bioware is "looking into" a patch, there are so many bugs it’s unbelievable! Most of which render the game completely unplayable. Between myself and 4 other friends who own the game only one of us can actually play it completely through.

Even more interesting, there is a lot of speculation as to where or not there security features are causing 90% of the problems. Most users who have are having problems and have posted on the Bioware forums are reporting that downloading a crack fixes their problems. Keep in mind these are people who have actually purchased a retail copy and you have to register your game to be able to post on their forum.

I myself found resolution in a crack...

Edit: Yeah there are two endings.



Last I checked there were two endings to mass effect, the Paragon ending and the Renegade ending, which game were you playing?



Spot on with your pros and cons.    Really fun game.

LOL, wth were they thinking with that default grainy film effect?   At first I thought I had a graphics bug, till I found that option in the settings and promptly turned it off.

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