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Why do they insist on using the one-way drivers ?  Take that useless THX logo out and put a tweeter in.  Or better yet, use a coaxial setup like KEF.  I would love to buy a dedicated setup like this but there are always these lame limitations.  At this price point you're much better off buying a cheap receiver and bookshelf speakers anyway.



They are not. That little cone in the center is a separate tweeter. It is independent of the surrounding cone.



I own the Z5500's I Absolutely love them (5 + years now) but the LCD has crapped out and the center speaker had a serious issues with sound quality. Why did you not do a side by side comparison? Im in the market for new speakers and guess what I like what you guys have been saying about edifier and I plan on diving into them.

What do you guys think the best comparison would be? the S550, DA5000 Pro, or C6? I personally like the look of the S550 the best.

Mike Brown this is supposed to be MAXimum pc step your game up grandpa



If you are looking for a good speaker replacement check out Energy Take, they have a 3/4" tweeter. I replaced my Z5500 with a fairly high end AV setup, but before swapping everything out I just connected these speakers to the Z5500 amp. Wow what a difference in musical quality and clarity.



Thanks for what review? Looks like it's something copied and pasted from Logitech's website. Also known as a rubber stamp. See my comment below. Do your self a favor and do some research on your own. You shouldn't base your purchasing decision on this tripe.



So the obvious question which they didn't answer is, if you're in a position to chose between the Z-5500s and the 906s, which do you go for, assuming you don't need all the crazy inputs on the 906s?

Keeping in mid that I have an actual theater, so I'm not going to be watching blu-rays on it, they'd be for gaming. I want really good chanel seperation and positional audio. 



He labels the Z-5500's as "legendary", mentioning the subwoofer, amp, inputs and decoding capabilities.  What I find humorous is, he conveniently neglects to mention the small, plastic, 1-way sattelites, which are crap.

I'll take a pair of Edifier's over anything Logitech has to offer, anyday.  I feel sorry for the people who bought into the "THX certified" hype, it's nothing more then a marketing ploy.  They slap THX on anything these days..  Poor saps don't know what they're missing, true fidelity is a few clicks away..



They are NOT 1 way. The tweeter cone is in the center and independent.



This review lacks insight, research and depth. As in the past Logitech continues to win this category simply because there is not another comparable product and as consumers we have no other choices. But a 9 is unwarranted when considering the technical specs. Other than an attractive cosmetic change the Z5500's continue to outperform the Z906 and if one can live with the uglier Z5500's they're still the way to go. Reading other website's in-depth reviews supports my assertion. Most compelling are customer comments from Logitech's websites around the world. Typically people who purchase a new product tend to give glowing reviews. However what I'm reading is that the majority are disappointed.

I've been using MaxPC to provide guidance for my purchases for years. But you are so far off on this review, I had to post my first comment. The proper thing to do would be to remove this review pending more thoughtful research.



Which speaker system would you suggest then? Which one has the 5.1 bells and whistles for both gaming/movies/music,  has an HDMI passthrough, & decodes Dolby and DTS-HD master audio. I want an all encompassing speaker system that kicks ass on every level and the current lot of speakers that I've found don't do anything for me.  Oh and no, I don't want to put two speaker systems together like you guys did with last years dream machine. 


Any help would be appreciated




Check out the speakers made by Edifier:





Don't buy from a box, go the home theatre reciever route.

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