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Ok, well I must first admit that I am a huge fan of logitech's products in general.  I have the G15 keyboard, and like it more for how solid feeling it is than for the little LCD and the programmable shortcut keys... this brings me to the G500 mouse.

It just feels right.  The same classic shape as the G5, it is very comfortable.  It has interchangable weights, which I removed completely, but will keep playing with as I go along.  The mouse itself has some good heft to it, so you really feel like you are holding a well-crafted piece of tech... this ain't no crappy $10 ball-mouse.

The sensor is great, and the buttons are well placed. I'm not sure why the reviewers said there were "too many thumb buttons", as I always felt one or two more on my G5 would have been great.

All in all, I give this a 9 as well. The only issue I have with this mouse is I feel it could use a couple more well-placed buttons.



I LOVED the G5, switched to the G9x based on MPC's review...just got the G500 and it blows the G9x out of the water!


  • The G9x suckery******
  • Thes mouse wheel sits too low to effectively use mouse tilt.
  • The sensitivity switcher is awkwardly placed and too close to some seriously sensitive mouse buttons.
  • The G thumb buttons seem are placed too  just don't feel right
  • Because the thumb buttons are on the removable grip, if you squeeze the mouse too hard you will press a thumb button

  • The G500 AWESOMENESS!******
  • A mouse wheel that sits up so you can use it without accidentally hitting a mouse button
  • mouse-wheel scroll switcher on the top of the mouse
  • Better sensitivity button placement
  • a third mouse button and they are all very comfortably placed. Will Smith is a crackhead thinking that there are too many thumb buttons...I thought this was 'maximum' PC

I simply cannot believe that the G500 got an 8 and the G9x got a 10....the G500 is everything the G5 was, but a much better design. the only thing i miss about the G5 is the textured grip.




Just got this mouse two days ago and am LOVING it...

I was tempting by the G9, and will possibly purchase one to test out against my beloved G500. But for now, the G500 is my new favorite rodent. 



Umm, can one of the mods do something about the spamming that 'becoolbiz00' has been doing? Kind of annoying after looking at the 7th identical posting in seven different articles. Thanks.








The G9x actually uses the exact same sensor as the G500.  With the new set-point software, you can set the sensor level of the G9x to 5700 DPI, just like the G500.  A Logitech employee said in a dev blog that the G9x always had the capability to run at 5700 DPI, but they wanted to test it first before "unlocking" that resolution.  The G500 seems nice, but I am definitely pleased with my G9x (with ID grip).



It's not bad.  I had one of the original G5's.  After it eventually died I went to the G9, but never really took to either of the handgrips.  I jumped on the G500 as soon as it was available purely for the shape.

The cluster of thumb buttons are fine.  Two are raised and in line with each other.  The third is lower and below.  I've yet to fumble and get confused about which one is which.

You can get all 5 sensitivites.  I'm not sure what you guys were doing wrong.

For me it does inherit one annoyance from the G5 that the G9 did fix for me.  Clicking the wheel button. Like the G5 it feels like the wheel is raised quite high.  It also feels very stiff.  When middle clicking a lot I find my finger starts to get sore. 

I also find it pretty easy to activate the tilt switches when I meant to only middle click.  I use my index finger on both the left click and the wheel, so maybe that has something to do with it.  On the G5 I ended up remapping the tilt to middle click.  So I would just nudge the wheel for middle clicking.

Multiple profiles would be good if you used them I guess.  On my G9 I ended up adjusting one profile to suit my needs and never bothered using anything else.



Interesting you should post this when you did!  I just got off the phone with Logitech's warranty claims about my G5, which keeps disconnecting from my computer (apparently that's a common issue when the mouse is in its death throes) and the CSR told me that since the G5 is no longer in production, they would upgrade me to a G500 for free thanks to their 3-year warranty.  They even threw in overnight shipping when I asked nicely at no cost at all.

 As to your claim that there are "too many thumb buttons," why don't you guys look at them with your eyes?  Two of them stick out and look like they'll be easy to push.  The third is tucked down, and not in the way.  I highly doubt that having that third button will ever be an issue for me.

 And then your complaint about about requiring software to switch profiles... I don't know about you guys but I don't switch between a jillion different computers.  With my G5 I just ran the setpoint disk that came with it on both my pc's and I never had trouble switching it between the two.  Kind of an odd complaint if you ask me.  If you're hardcore enough to be at a LAN center where you don't bring your own rig, chances are you'll have spent on a razer, not a logitech. 

<3 Logitech 



I got this mouse too and there really are 5 levels of sensitivity. It's an awesome mouse. When you increase the sensitivity after the top bar is filled, the bottom bar disappears. So at maximum sensitivity, there will be one bar at the top, while at the minimum, it's one bar at the bottom. Just so you guys know.

I think this warrants at least a 9-kickass... and it's a litte more than half the price of the G9x in Canada.



I have this mouse and it's pretty much amazing. It was a definite step-up from the cheap $15 mouse I had from BestBuy. As far as the price tag goes, you get what you pay for. On Newegg it's running at $65 bucks. The MX518 runs at $40 bucks but with 1800 DPI. SO, for $25 more dollars, you get more than double the DPI. As far as the thumb buttons, they don't get in your way unless you have huge thumbs and don't rest them on the beveled curve.

Oh and to add, the weight pieces are genius. They make the mouse really nice and sturdy.


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