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I did buy 3 E4200 routers and had only problems with it. It kept dropping connection on my Cable Broadband and tested it on a DSL and still same issue.Sorry but I cannot recommend the E4200 to anyone due to the following reason:

1 - Dropping Connection
2 - Poor Support.
3 - Not wall mountable
4 - I agree with MrMick. The router should come configured to use its full potentials and feature so that others, that are not router savy, don't have to go through hoops just to get the router to work as it should.

Unfortunately, I am moving away from any Linksys product not because of the E4200 but because of the Lack or poor support.

I am giving the same recommendation as Danthrax66 did, get a DD-WRT supported Router.



Kind of makes your "champeen" look bad.  You know what else makes you look giving this a 7 when it out performs a router you gave a 9!

I do feel very confident that, after reading this, I purchased the better router (which I just received yesterday).  That's what we're looking for here, right?  You do, after all, write for Maximum PC.  Were you afraid that your 40-80 year old demographic would send you hate mail if you didn't knock off a couple points since you had to make a few changes to the configuration?

I agree with kidcreole99.  What router comes out of the box perfectly configured?  Even though I had no issues with my RJ45 connectors, I can see this being a design flaw if you had problems.  I suppose the same applied to the powered-USB (or lack thereof).  

Either you rated the WNDR3700 too high or you rated the E4200 too low.  Either way, I think it's time to crown a new "champeen."



Please update specs due to latest update:

Last Release Date: Sept 28, 2011
Last Firmware version: 1.0.03 (build 14)

- Added supports of Native IPv6 over PPPoE Internet connection when only keep
alive option is selected.
- Added supports of Native IPv6 on guest network if there are more than two
available IPv6 subnets
- Added supports of Native IPv6 on Parental Control
- Added supports of 3TB Hard drive with NTFS and HFS+ format
- Improved firmware upgrade stability
- Improved IPv6 WAN performance
- Fixed media server unstable issue
- Fixed Cisco LED flashing issue
- Fixed some minor bugs
- DLNA certified
- UPnP certified
- This build is certified with the IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 (Gold).



Can the Guest Access be enabled/setup without the use of the cisco software?
Will this router allow me to setup a wireless access with a 24hr window for mobile devices like an Android phone or iPod?

I hate installing bloatware on my computers, I am looking for upgrade to my Linksys WRT600N that has "Guest Access" feature without having to install some type of software on my cmputers.



Michael, if one had NO interest in using a USB drive with the router, and didn't mind snipping off the hoods of the ethernet cables, and (thanks to you) knew to change a few settings in the configuration, would you say the E4200 router was the best available? I really just want the best speed - both wireless and wired - and stability (as in maintaining a connection). I currently use a WNDR37AV that I'm satisfied with, but I'm giving it to the kids. So I have a free pass to buy the best available router for myself to replace it, if there is something better. Price is not really a concern. Thank you very much.



I bought this Cisco POS less than a month ago. Figured if it's Cisco it'll be okay. Live and learn! Right out of the box, it was obvious that the range was much worse than the last router. Now it's stopped working at all, and of course it's impossible to contact Cisco. Happy to take your money, but they won't stand behind anything. Cisco, I will never, ever spend another dime on anything with your name on it. Do you even realize that people can't afford to keep buying crap that doesn't work? Times are tough. People don't have money to throw away, you idiots.



I upgraded to DD-WRT on my e4200, unfortunally I'm currently just using it as a very expensive hub, for the moment, that then connects to my DD-WRT e2000 router, which act as the main gateway.   The e2000 seems to be performing better than the e4200, at this time.



I can understand the dings for the hooded ethernet cable issue and the lack of power for the USB drive, but this We shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to enable the router to perform at its best is just completely unfair! Is this MaximumPC or It's-good-out-of-the-box-PC? 

Why do you recommend after-market coolers? Why even do a dream machine? Why drool over overclocked components that blow away benchmarks? If the intent is to settle for the out-of-the-box status of PC parts, I suspect there would be a lot of score changes. Isn't the idea to rate based on what it's capable of doing? 

Novices won't get great performance ?!? How the mighty have fallen...



My point is that experts shouldn't have to go through a bunch of pointless rigamarole to undo Linksys' effort to make this router noob friendly before they can even start to fine-tune the router to their needs.

And since experts are often asked to make purchase recommendations for their less tech-savvy friends and relatives, it's also our responsibility to let our readers know which products they should not recommend. That obviously doesn't apply to after-market coolers and other components that only experts are interested in, but just about everyone needs a router these days.



Hey can we get a link to the new firmware update? And there is one feature that i miss from linksys. Why is there no real controle over who gets higher priority on the router?



Get a router that supports DD-WRT (avoid cheap Asus units) and then you get all the feature you could ever want.



I think you meant NTFS drives, not NTSF, in the 3rd paragraph.



Yes, thank you. I fixed the typo.



The new firmware adds IPV6 support, USB printer use with the USB port, and adds support for bridging.

Last Release Date: June 14, 2011
Last Firmware version:  1.0.02 (build 13)

- Added support of USB printer connected to the router's USB port, so that
  a user may send a print job to the printer via the local area network.
  ** This feature requires Cisco connect software v1.4 or later **
- Added support of Native IPv6 and 6rd tunnel Internet connections
- Added support of bridge mode
- Prevented devices on the guest network to access any private IP
  address (RFC 1918)
- Updated wireless driver to improve interoperability
- Fixed some storage relative issues
- Fixed some browser-based configuration utility bugs
- Fixed some minor bugs



Thanks for letting us know. The firmware came out after we'd tested the router (the review was originally written for the August print edition, so our tests were performed in early June before it was available). 

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