Lian Li Tyr PC-X1000



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Yeah, we go with centimeters rather than mm for fan measurements. 14cm is 140mm.



It's another one of these cases designed for people to "make a statement" with... The statement is that they would rather flush X amount of dollars down the toilet completely unnecessarily on a rediculously overpriced case than do anything productive with it.



I still have my PC70-B that I bought many many years ago, they are not just a case they are an investment.  Well worth the bennies they cost!  I think I have had no less then 7 systems in my case and it has handled all of them.  I have thought about getting a newer one, but dont see the reason when this case has handled everthing I have thrown it.  As for no hotswap drive bays, is that really a feature that the general person uses, I know I dont ever worry about it, that is what my external USB drive is for.



Agree'd i've owned all the rest and i just hate dealing with them after having 7 or so Lian li's They last a lifetime and they also have tons of replaceable parts if need be and upgrades aswell. you pay for more then a name they also use much higher grade materials and manufacturing processes. Further more they also retain their value, that said, what you buy for the 400$ now, could be worth close, as much, or more then that 4 years later when they are no longer made. I know my old PC-75 was being offered away from me for 230$ i paid 190 on sale 3 years previous.


I must say i think you don't give Lian Li enough credit here, guys. 



I see problems mounting a lot of heatsinks with only a 9 inch depth.

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