LG W2452T



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I recently had to replace my 21" Gateway and it was a pretty decent monitor with a lot of useful features. I bought a LG 22" and was very disappointed in its performance. Any movement on the screen was a blurry mess. Video was unwatchable and the cusor had very long trail behind it. Oh, it also had a stuck pixel to top it off. I returned it got a Samsung 22". I too was wondering why anyone would want and/or use the funny features on the LG. Speaking of features, why just tilt to adjust the monitor and just a single DVI and VGA port on the Samsung too. The Samsung performs pretty good dis spite it uses a TN panel. You can see brightness and slight color changes when viewing at an angle. I also have older LG 17' and 19" 4:3 ratio monitors and their performance is very good. I think most manufactures are trying to get by on the cheap side and we the consumers are suffering and paying more for it.

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