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Power2go only gives me the option of burning a data blu-ray disk.  HP marketed the drive as blu-ray r+rw.   A blu-ray burner that won't burn video?  How about a tennis racket you can't hit tennis balls with?  If I am missing something SOMEBODY let me know.  Otherwise happy holidays!  Never let thieving computer companies get you down. 



nice found a GGW-H20L...for 200$  add the LG disk an CybecLInks that came with it played for a few months and then...One week ago it said can not play Blue Ray need Upgrades got the Upgrades and they say will not play Blue Ray (PowerDVD8 ultra)...now they want $120+ for the software to play Blue Ray only down fall and makes it useless till bought.........You figuer could of bought one just for the LCD 32" ViewSonic and never had the prob...any one that knows off Media Player or when Vista's Media player upgrade for Blue Ray is????????or a site with FRee Blue Ray Player Like "VLC"  later thanks



Have you guys looked at the Pioneer BDR-203BK which is rated at 8X for the BD-R and at 2X for the BD-RE discs? I was just wondering why the LG burner is rated higher.



Im really happy to see you guys have given such a high score to the drive. I will install today as Im waiting to get my video card delivered today! once I have it up and running I will come back and comment again!



I will note that on Newegg, the predecessor is $10 cheaper, going for $270 with free 3 day shipping, and amazon offers a similar price. Also by LG's website, the predecessor is only $120 more than the new model. I apologize if I come across as a smart a$$. If I do, it's the geek in me.

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