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I was looking for a new set of speakers and have come across good reviews for these all over the net.  From what I have read Klipsch has done an excellent job in designing these speakers.  I really like them the only drawback I see which is not a deal breaker is that I would like the speakers to be wireless just like the audio source is.  Other than that these seem like a good set of speakers.




Unless klipsch has made some major changes in the past couple years their powered speaker systems are notoriously undependable. A quick google search for klipsch promedia amp will return page after page of forum complaints about people with promedia units that die after anywhere from a week to a couple years. Although klipsch makes great speakers their amps are very cheaply made. As much as I love my now dead promedia 5.1s, I can't see purchasing another pair of klipsch speakers.



I had me a nice pair of Klipsch 2.0 speakers till the big heavy amp fried!

But for $20, I bought the thin planar USB speakers at best buy and used the 3 watt USB amp on the Klipsch speakers and they sound Fantabulous

So my $100 Klipsh speakers REALLY ARE Portable now that they are USB Powered and sound great too!

Why can't atom motherboard manufacturers add a 3 watt amp to their boards for great sound anywhere?

Seems too logical so maybee thats why they won't do it




I've had the wired version of these speakers since late 2001 and love them.  Music and movies sound great in a typical bedroom-sized room or office, and the subwoofer -- when corner-loaded -- is more than adequate for anything save kettle drums.  With proper speaker placement, the excellent stereo imaging also provides decent location queues for gaming, if you don't want the hassle of mounting a 5.1 or 7.1 setup for your computer.

Over 8 years later, the speaker connections are occasionally a little wonky and the volume pot is sometimes scratchy, but my only thought has been to just buy another set.

I originally paid $180 for mine, but the wired set is currently available direct from Klipsch for $150.  Good value, especially considering that most PC speakers are utter crap even at the $100 price point.



i would be much more impressed if the satellites were wireless =/


I have the wired version, they are awesome speakers, but like any speakers they are a pain if you want to rearrange them or move them to another room. 



But you're still tethered to the speakers. If you are using this for a notebook, or netbook, you are still bound by the fact that you have to be near the speakers, otherwise you are back to El crapo built-in. Please don't try to imply that these are good for portable computers. Most people buy the portables because they need something on the go. In which case a good pair of headphones are more appropriate. Or state that you are thinking about when it is docked.

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You're not tethered to the speakers. The audio connection between your notebook and the amplifier is wireless (you plug in a USB dongle).  The speakers deliver plenty of sound to fill a room, so you can sit with your laptop just about anywhere.

Having said that, the speakers are most definitely not designed to be portable. If you want sound on the go, you should use headphones or earbuds.


Michael Brown, Reviews Editor

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