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I bought these to try and replace my Triton AX360 gaming headset, i was a little disapointed that i could not use the Mic with my Xfi soundcard it would be nice to use for Ventrlio or Team spaeak..... However these headphones are still like nothing I have ever experienced before.  the sound isolation is amazing and footsteps never sounded more clear and directionaly accurate... I have also used these in my wifes Iphone and the sound just blew me away it was like haveing a concert right in my head.  now if they can just make a Gameing headset...lol



The image and the X10s are EXACTLY the same. Klipsch renamed them when they introduced the X5s into their line up. The X10s are also known as Klipsch X10 Image....

Personally I owned the X10s and currently use the S4i (mainly as a my jogging/workout buds - I have expensive tastes!) I think the X10s are brilliant sounding and the comfort is second to none - except for microphonics. However the S4i is a better solution to 90% of people - expecially people who are still using 128kbps music. Also the huge bass boost will satisfy more people. The X10s loses a little boom for more highs. But at the end of the day I got rid of my X10s as I thought they were too fragile and I had other IEMs I preferred



I really enjoy listening to my S4s, just as I enjoy watching the Lakers win in the finals :P   But why no kick-ass award?  All headphones without custom fittings will move around with enough movement...



Klipsch has been making earbuds for a couple of years now, so I don't think these are their "rookie effort".  I have a pair of Klipsch Image headphones (http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/headphones/klipsch-image-earphones-review) which are some of the highest rated earbuds made.  Yes they are expensive, but I bought mine during a sale for almost 1/2 price.  The sound is amazing, and yes, you can tell a difference between their sound and cheaper headphones.  They also make a cheaper version of the Image called the Image X10 I think.



An "in-line mac"?  I knew apple could build a small pc, but that's crazy.



Thanks for bringing the typo to our attention! 




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