Kingston SSDNow V+



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Do we know how much will this thing cost ?

Another thing I am wondering about is what do I need to

get this thing work good with XP ?

I am still not going over to Win7 since PS and other apps

are noticeably  faster on my XP.



Glad they added TRIM support.

Nathan, It would be great if the benchmark chart could compare more than two products.



/agree +1000

Please please please add a few more comparisons into your hardware reviews. For this review, at a minimum I would think the Corsair, Intel, and OCZ drives would be required as they seem to be setting the industry standards for performance in SSDs.

To start press any key...ohh, where's the "Any" key. - Homer Simpson



The two-column format was due to space restrictions in the mag. I do have a big spreadsheet of drive performance I will upload somewhere once we figure out the best way to present it. 

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