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In addition to the above post Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has some of the most robust parental controls. Users must create a password for the parental control features, and they can specify whether this password is necessary to configure these settings, exit the software, or remove it. Customer has informed that it doesn't slow down the system, compared to other security software. Its Proactive Defense technology girds the system against new threats even before they reach the PC by scanning pages for characteristics of phishing sites and restricting how questionable applications loaded on the system can behave.




Kaspersky is always the very last to load, to start, and I have expressed this last-to-start problem to Kaspersky for more than a year. I have expressed, during tests, restricted programs have full access to other programs and the Internet during Kaspersky's late start.

Kaspersky believes it is best to deny the problem and to dodge its responsibility with constant nonsense requests, and I have four years of Kaspersky, in commercial boxes,  yet to be used.

Being forced to suffer the money I paid, I am now looking for a security suite: Kaspersky is another corruptly corporate company that is into greed and irresponsibility.

Kaspersky 12.0.0 .374
Windows 7, 64-bit

Reinstalled the operating system (three times), reinstalled Kaspersky (five times), clean installed Kaspersky (twice), and the verdict is, junk!

Joseph C. Carbone III

15 October 2011



This should sound convincing enough for most internet users, I first heard about it in internet security news. Kaspersky has definitely lift the standards, it makes me wonder what do the other antivirus softwares have to offer compared with the newest Kaspersky version...



I'm using Kaspersky but I still ask help from a pc online support not because of virus problems but because of its complex functions.



Kapersky's products are probably the second-best retail ones, or at least from my experience, having ESET'S (rather expensive) software being first. I have used Avast and Malwarebytes for a long time, and I never came across an infection. Of course, since then my systems have all been switched to Linux Platforms, which is as virus repellent as hell.



I too use free AV (Avira), firewall (comodo), and anti-malware (spybot and malwarebytes), and haven't had any breeches of security yet.  As fara s I can see, there is no real reason to pay for them, unless they can do things that the free versions cannot that I would really need.  Can anyone out there think of anything?  Please tell me.


SGT Samuel Eugene McClard II



What Crap-spersky has in utility it completely lacks in the performance department...

I'll stick with ESET thanks.


Hg Dragon

I've been using Kaspersky both at work and at home for years now. KIS 2011 just simply shouldn't have been released in its current state. The benchmark scores don't reflect what I was seeing in my personal usage. This was simply beating up my system, no matter what level settings I used. Everything was sluggish and slow to respond. And this isn't a case of "you don't know what you're doing," either. I administer Kaspersky at my work for close to 5 years now, managing about 750 workstations and servers at over 40 locations nationally. I know how to use their products.

I had a hard drive failure in late July/early August and restarted with a fresh install of Win7Pro64. I used the opportunity to make the switch to KIS2011 at that time. My overall performance was simply terrible. Take World of Warcraft for example. Iwent from 40's pre-crash to mid-teens if I was lucky, even after turning down all of the settings to "fugly." Fearing that whatever killed my hard drive may have done some other damage to my PC (recent storms and power company issues), I started going through normal troubleshooting steps. All of my componets tested fine. PSU, RAM, video card, everything. After putting up with it for about two months, I finally traced it to the AV after doing another Windows reload thinking maybe something had gone screwy with the Windows load. Reinstalled KIS2011 and all of my bad performance issued returned. Turning down and disabling various compoonents helped, bnut only margianlly. WoW went from 50-60 FPS with no AV all the way back down to 10-15. I went so far as to take Kaspersky's own removal and registry cleaning tools to remove everything Kaspersky-related and installed again. Just on a lark, I downloaded the installer for 2010 and reistalled that. Lo and behold, my PC no longer functioned like it was made of molasses.

While KIS2011 has some extra tools and freatures that I loved having, I couldn't deal with the impact it had on my system. 2010 serves me better, and probably anyone else with perfomance issues with KIS2011.



I and my clients have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for several years and we never have a problem.



Long live King Kaspersky!



While I appreciate that all software has a license that the user agrees to and whose agreement affects its install or use, its retail AV products like Kapersky (McAfee, Norton, et al)  that are the worst offenders. You pay the initial retail price, agree to the license and then - a year or two later - the program essentially disables itself unless you agree to pay more even money to 'subscribe' to updates.

When freeware AV products from Avira, Avast!, Comodo, MSE and other products like ZoneAlarm, PC Tools Firewall Plus, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, CCleaner and SpywareBlaster - and even just a modicum of user intelligence exists - the value of 'pay to play' has to be questioned.

I haven't used retail security products - over a range of PCs - for several years and have never had a significant problem. I've found an ideal mix (and due dilligence) for my computer and see no reason even to consider the alternatives.



I've been using comodo firewall/avira antivirus/spybot for the last couple years and have never had a single problem with malware. BTW all three are free.



ZoneAlarm Extreme Security uses the Kaspersky antivirus engine.  Can Maximum PC do a review of it to show us how it measures up to Kaspersky and other security suites?



if u read the whole review, why is no mention of high impact on system performance as the table shows.

please revise your scoring which should consider performance impact in addition to security features.



i dont get why this is rated 9/10 kick ass when it clearly does not perform as well as MSE, McAfee and ESET?



ya i know. kaspersky sucks



It would be silly to grade an antivirus suite based on scan times and PCMark scores alone. In a nutshell, the reason Kaspersky scored as well is it did is because it offers a ton of useful and effective security tools without bogging down system performance. The virtual keyboard and sandbox modes alone are worth the slightly longer boot time compared to the suites with the least impact.

-Paul Lilly



makes sense. but i bet if i installed this on my 2.2 ghz single core AMD sempron laptop i wouldnt be able to do anything given what i believe most people believe about the effect it has on system performance.


i use avira and have had no problems thus far



I'd take that bet...

-Paul Lilly



I have to agree with this, especially with the power of most PC's these days the performance impact is barely as noticeable as it was years ago on slower processors.

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