Joy Factory Zip USB Touch-n-Go Review



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It looks to me like the tails are too short to use on the two innermost rows of dimples. They should make the tails twice as long, at half their price. Giving that the power brick is also meager, for a unit with only 2A total load they could have made it with 4 dimples and much smaller, then cut the price to $20.



Why not just buy a powered USB hub, and then plug the appropriate cable into that way?  The device will charge, and you get a smaller foot print too.



With this design, you need only plug in one end of the cable. Since the cables are so short, there's no chance they'll get tangled; and since they're good only for use with the plank (and are magnetized), they won't wander away from the charging location. I've been using this for several weeks (and have tried several other multi-charger products) and I really like it. 



It may be good as a communal device to share in the house, because I can't imagine even the most avid road warrior carrying 16 USB powered devices and given how short those cables look, the central pins are gonna be messy to use. On top of that, the article mentions it can only power around 3 devices at once. Why on earth did they go for 16 sockets?!? xD



The only reason I can fathom for putting so many dimples on the plank is that it makes it easier to find one that's unoccupied. If there's zero to one other devices being charged, you can put another one down anywhere near the plank and the charging puck will find a home with an audible click. 

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