Intel X-25M



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Can MaxPC start doing some tests where you test the reliability / longevity of SSD drives in general?  All it takes is to put in SSDs in your desktops as you guys are heavy users and see what happens after a few months.  I really don't want to buy any SSD drives until I know the expected reliability.



how about a n00b guide to installing a new SSD in your laptop? that'd have this guy for 1 buying magazines...

 I understand the differences in the MLC read/write issues, but what of these rumors of longevity problems?



Up until this point, SSDs were a total crapshoot. AnandTech identified the issue with random writes in the common controller in most SSDs. Intel comes out with their own SSD using their own controller, and not only does it annhilate other SSD performance (especially in MLC write performance), it manages to overcome the random write issues that exist in other controllers. 

Intel is really on top of their game lately. Their SSDs are so superior to everyone else's, I just hope other companies can actually catch up! Otherwise we'll be stuck in the current AMD/Intel situation, trusting that Intel will stay focused and at least somewhat affordable. 



I don't think we'll have to worry about Intel dominating the market for long. There's too many players for them all to just bow out or continue with slower hardware. The way I see it, Intel will either license the technology to others (assuming they aren't licensing it themselves), or the other players will just reverse engineer the tech and make their own versions.

The great thing is the competition they're bringing. I was surprised to hear Intel even entering the SSD market, but they've really done so with force. Bring the competition.

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