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     I bought a pc that will support my graphics rendering.  So I choose Intel DX58SO Motherboard with Intel 920 Core I7 2.6Ghz CPU, Kingston 6GB Triple Channel DDR3/1600 RAM, Gigabyte 1GB GT220 Video Card, 1TB WD HDD.  I install Windows XP Professional SP3.  There was no problem on the installation of the program.  When I finished the installation, i found out that it was hanging for 1-2 seconds then it will work again. And it happens every now and then.  How can i resolved this issue because im geeting to pissed of with this board.. Thanks





I'm just curious, which model of Corsair DDR3/1600 RAM was used?  I was checking Tigerdirect for pricing and noticed there were six different models available.

Also, did you have to tweak the RAM settings at all in the BIOS, or was it stable from the get go?



  i7 is a enthusiast part,aimed sqaurely at the top end market. This board looks like it should have ECS stickers on it,Intel should be hanging there heads in shame after designing this board.



Uh... why no mention of price? Value is a huge consideration when purchasing anything, and a reviews main purpose is to aid purchase decision making.



This board seems great for most ordinary folks.  I just wanted a middle of the road computer that would not be outdated in a few years.  Content with my P4HT till this year when upgrading video card was not an option on the last motherboard.  The last system I built was 10 years ago.  GIGABYTE manually setting type of CPU, voltages etc.. this DX58SO made it easy and enjoyable.   Daily computing speed I have not noticed a difference BUT if it meets the specs for software I am using so be it.  Ones first upgrade is normally memory so I jumped right to 6gb hoping to skip this step in the future.  EVEN forgiving when I plugged case HDA cable into the wrong slot A LITTLE HEAT but kept on ticking.

IN SHORT for a novice this would be the board to have, short of expert PAR

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