Intel DP55KG



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I have a core  i5 and a xfx 5750 so far its doing great but i had many problems with the drivers and stuff like the blue screen but then i got it fixed and now it shuts off on me when i play steam games or convert videos the  cpu usage gose up to 60% and  then it crashes and restarts and say recommend to repair the pc. I think i have to take it apart because my back plate for my v8 is touching the case will that have any thing to do with it? and it did not come with the eithernet driver so i had to download it from another computer



What the heck is up with the world in conflict scores?



You would think that with Intel's manufacturing and financial
capabilities, they would have caught on to the enthusiast market a bit
quicker.  While a fancy skull like that will be the only reason a lot
of people will buy that board, I'm not fooled by packaging and a nod to
the crowd. In the motherboard area, Intel *should* dominate, but they
obviously don't. Shows a lack of concern. And it will take a while
longer before I seriously consider their products.

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Please clarify whether Core i7-860 (as mentioned in the text) or Core i7-870 (as mentioned under the Benchmarks table) was used.

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