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First, I would like to say that I think you owe In Win an apology!  They have built one of the nicest "RED" cases on the market and an excellent case for young boys or girls interested in cars and computers.  You reviewers blew-it on the Ferrari sound, it is easily controllable by the volume control located just below the power button on the front of the case!!!  Yes, the cables are different, but the case does not have a see-thru side panel, so who can see it?  I happen to own this case and it was a great build for the wife's computer, who happens to love red and the finish on this case is excellent!

In Win gave you a very good case and you belittled it with a "7' for no good reason.  Sad, very sad...



"The F430 is pretty and functional and comes with more front-panel connection options than most cases in this roundup."

A seven represents a weak-buy recommendation.  That said, you need to consider that this 7 is also based on the entire case market -- we don't differentiate in regards to price.  If a case is a solid case, it gets a solid score.

The F430 isn't a bad case.  There are simply better cases out there.  If we thought nobody should ever use this case for a build, we (or rather, I) would have given it a 3.  Or a 2.  Et cetera.

I appreciate your comments, however.  If anything, they make me wish we didn't roll with a 1-10 verdict scale, as a "7" is hardly an unfair verdict given its place in that range.  But such is the way of things right now.

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