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"AirPlay is a very good media-streaming solution—as long as you don’t mind being tied to iTunes to manage your music library"

AirPlay has nothing to do with iTunes AFAICT. I buy all my music as CDs or Amazon MP3s. I load the music on a Subsonic free music server (software). I can stream it to my iOS devices (but actually downloading 100% copy of the file on the sever unless downsample options are enabled). And I can then restream to AirPlay devices such as my Apple TV.

But really you could just have some MP3s on your iPad/iPhone/Touch and send them to an AirPlay device. There is nothing limiting you to iTunes.



Sonos for the win.


Why do I have to do a damned captcha when I'm logged in? You guys aren't the effing DOD.



You know, I always see these comparisons to the B&W Zeppelin Air and think to myself "is it really that good?" It seems to have become a reference point in this class of speakers.

I know this is about the iHome iW1, but I find myself more and more wanting to hear that Zeppelin. It may be just the thing for my smallish bedroom where a full-sized system would be overkill.

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