iBuypower Paladin F Review



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My man, been a fan for over a decade now.  In some fashion, you have been a part of every rig I've ever built or had custom-built. Props to the master!


Remember, that one time, you wrote that article about that computer thingy? Yeah... that was awesome. 



I have found the one thing about MaximumPC that just irks the crap out of me.  You review a product and then you link an item that has nothing to do with it.  Don't put a stinkin link if you are not going to post one to the item you are reviewing it makes you look as if you know nothing about how to link stuff. 


Peanut Fox

Are you talking about the Price Grabber links?  Those things don't work on any site.  I don't see any in the article.  Maybe they did an update and removed them.  Even so, there really is no excuse for bad links.

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