HP w2338h



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Watch out for this monitor.  Received as a Christmas 2009 present and it only lasted 84 days before i got a permanent vertical line about 2/3 of the way from the left hand side of the screen.  Had a one year warranty good until Jan 2011.

HP was really nice and sent me another monitor.  Unfortunately the serial number seems to indicate that the replacement monitor was sold to someone else last April and the warranty expires in May of this year! 

My advice would be to buy it refurbished, you can get it cheaper that way, heck thats what i ended up with anyways and i paid full price!  Better yet, skip it all together!



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HP built this line of monitors for customers that want to watch wide screen DVD movies on their PC.  When I saw that HP went this route about six months back, I was very surprised.  HP markets these monitors as 1080p just like a flat screen TV corporation would do.  Compared to their previous line of monitors, they drastically shrunk the height and increased the width of the screen.  I purchased one of them last summer and the characters in FPS games look like scrunched up extra wide midgets running around the battlefield.  HP removed the vertical adjustment feature of their stand like their previous monitor stands had.  Glare is worse from external light sources reflecting off of the screen, and as Maximum PCs benchmark tests have concluded, there isn't a true color gamut displayed.  HP went from good to bad with these new line of monitors.  HP obviously could care less about PC gamers and they think that people who own PCs only have them to watch DVDs. 

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